The causes for the Problems generally fall into seven different categories. There may be more, but these will do for a start:

  • Identity (self-image, self-worth, etc.)
  • Belief
  • Perspective
  • Perception
  • Communication
  • Fear
  • Desire

The Seven Deadly Sins

These Causes differ from the "Seven Deadly Sins of Christian theology, namely:

  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Gluttony
  • Lust
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy

While some might place the "blame" on these pearls from their cultural teachings, these "sins"  are not causal at all, but rather reactionary conditions resulting from behavioral responses triggered by the Causes.  Addressing them may make us better people, but they will not solve the Problems.

All of them are associated with what many pejoratively call EGO.  We, however, prefer not to associate only such negative conditions with the Ego, or Personality, which is the vehicle through which we live and experience our lives.

When the Causes result in Problems, they often involve EGOIC DISTORTIONS that impose filters, expectations and judgments upon others and our reality.  Taking unpleasant events at face value, we get so caught up in the resulting experiences that we fail to even consider the possibility of a purpose behind them. 

Denied the meaning or value our life lessons offer, we refuse to allow things to play out as created and are swept up in the turmoil. 

Therefore we have offered the Solutions as a way through this minefield to build a better tomorrow.

How to Use

1. Select your Problem

2. Determine your Cause

3. Explore and apply Solution(s)