Change Your World

Many of us cannot be at peace when the world around us is in such turmoil.  It often won't leave us alone, inevitably trying to drag us into its dramas and conflicts.

Most of all, it creates circumstances that offer us a choice -- either to evolve into more of what we can be, or else continue to immerse ourselves in the ways of conflict when egos collide.

This choice is often already made for us.  For our response to these karmic echoes is often determined by the state of our inner being and the myriad conditions within that filter how we see and interact with the world around us.

But karma isn't an absolute. It can be changed. We're not locked into doing the same old things in the same old ways.

Expanding consciousness allows us to address these inner conditions and break the patterns that keep bringing us more of the same.  It allows us to see things as they are, and what makes them that way. And to consider new ways to make them better.

So to change your outer world, first change yourself.

To do that you must challenge the foundations of your status quo, especially the beliefs and perspectives that keep us in conflict.

Expand your vision and see the things inside that make you the way you are and contribute to the way that outer world is around you. Then address what you find. And what you can't, moderate with peace, love and acceptance of your imperfections.

As that happens, you may find the old ways may no longer bring you peace.  When it does, let go of the things that don't and adopt new ones better suited to take you where you want to go, in the way we all need to get there -- with peace, purpose and possibility for something better.

Only then can you find peace for yourself. Only then can you change the world into something better.  Only then can you avoid carrying the seeds of today's problems into the future you want to create.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Here's a video that explains it better:

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