Client Agreement – Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions shall apply to all services provided by us, to which you agree. They may be changed at any time without notice as to incomplete, upcoming or future services. John Dennison, PeaceOptions, Dennison Management Group, LLC’s (and/or those of its/their employees, agents or assigns) performance of any services (whether free or paid) shall be deemed full, adequate and sufficient consideration for the terms set forth below. All rights and responsibilities arising under this agreement shall inure to the benefit of the parties, and their respective executors, representatives and assigns. No 3rd party beneficiaries are intended unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Nature and Scope of Services

Our coaching and consulting are designed to respond to the needs of your situation.

You are solely responsible to provide us with all truthful, complete, relevant and material information needed to accurately assess and advise on your situation. You also understand that any failure on your part may render such advice inaccurate, moot, inappropriate or even harmful to you or others, and agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for same.

Advice provided for one situation may vary based on individual needs and circumstances, and may not apply to another person or situation.

Services will vary based on need and scope of engagement, and may be performed on site or remotely as appropriate. Depending on nature of issues and services involved, fee arrangements may vary, including hourly, monthly, and project-based methods for determination.

Services ultimately provided may include, but not be limited to: training; coaching; advice; telephone, video and/or in-person consultations and meetings; email and text messages; out-sourced services; problem-solving; audio/video presentations; retreat and meeting moderation; writing, review and analysis of business and marketing plans, marketing materials, website pages, content, social media presence and activity; review and analysis of financial statements, as well as documents related to your specific issues; preparation of policies, procedures, memoranda, web content, articles, letters, business and marketing plans; legal and substantive research, briefs and memoranda; training; spokesman services; speech and manuscript writing/review/editing; message formulation and delivery; preparation of documents, training and marketing/administrative materials; and more.

No warranties or representations, either express or implied, are made, whether for merchantability, fitness for purpose, or for any other reason.

You and you alone are responsible for the choices you make and actions you take. Sometimes we make recommendations, but even then we make no guarantees as to results or freedom from impact of adverse consequences, for which you will indemnify and hold us harmless. We will help you explore and evaluate possibilities and evaluate them for your situation. We may from time-to-time recommend self-examination and reflection to identify inner factors impacting your affairs, and consider what you might do to address them.

We each have a responsibility to come together in good faith, with full concentration and attention on our interactions. Interruptions by people, pets, phones or computers should be avoided. Any assigned homework, study or contemplation shall be timely completed.

You shall indemnify and hold us harmless for performance of our responsibilities hereunder. You also hereby waive all claims, losses and/or liabilities arising by reason of performance of the agreed services, or any actions or consequences resulting therefrom, including negligence.


About Our Fees

We are not a charity. Income generated by our services is used to sustain us and our mission so we can continue to help you and others. Unless otherwise indicated (e.g., a free initial consultation), all our work is performed for a fee.

Our fees may be determined in one or more of the following ways:


Individual Consultations

Individual consultations with John by phone or Skype are available on request. Each paid session lasts approximately one (1) hour. In the event a free initial consultation is offered, it will last 15 minutes. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. All consultations shall be paid in advance.

Monthly retainer

A monthly retainer guarantees our availability for consultations for an agreed period and amount of time, often at a reduced rate (from our normal hourly rates), whether used by you or not. Rates are subject to change without notice, so ask if interested. If additional services or consultations are required, they shall be billed and paid at the hourly rate of your retainer plan.


Matters requiring ongoing services are generally billed on an hourly basis in .25 hour (15 minute) increments. Staff services are also billed, but at a reduced rate. Hourly rates (without a retainer plan) for coaching and consultations start at $250 per hour; legal and consulting services start at $300 per hour.

Fixed Fee

Fixed fees are available on certain agreed, pre-defined work to be performed by us, or stages of work within a greater project. If cost certainty is needed for your mission, ask.

Multi-consultation packages

From time-to-time we offer packages of consultations at a reduced rate from our single consultation rates. Six months retainer for consultations with John to address all aspects of your matter. All consultation packages shall be paid in advance.

Contingency and Participation Fees

Contingency fees are generally not available for our coaching and consulting services. Occasionally we will be asked to participate in some ventures, for which an appropriate fee or method of determining same will be established (and set to writing). Sometimes such participation fees are in addition to hourly or monthly retainer fees.

Costs and Expenses Extra

Costs and expenses incurred in the handling of your matter are extra, over and above any applicable fees. Such items may include, but are not limited to: copies; filing fees; document scanning; travel; room and board; record retention; and out-of-pocket expenses, among others, whether performed in-house or outsourced to/performed by 3rd parties who may or may not be affiliated with us (any such affiliation will be disclosed).

When Due

Retainers are billed in advance. Deposits may be required for ongoing services, which will be billed monthly or at such other frequency as we determine appropriate. All sums billed, whether for fees, costs and/or expenses, are DUE IMMEDIATELY UPON BILLING. Sums remaining unpaid after 30 days of billing shall accrue interest at 1.5% per month.

Attorney fees, Venue and Jurisdiction

The prevailing party in any action under this agreement shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorneys fees, including costs of collection and appeal. Jurisdiction and venue for any action for same or otherwise arising under this agreement shall be in Broward County, Florida.

No Legal Services

Notwithstanding anything contained in this website or elsewhere to the contrary, NO LEGAL SERVICES will be provided under this agreement or otherwise by John Dennison, PeaceOptions, DMG, or their agents or assigns. While our principals are licensed attorneys, they make no solicitation for legal services. Any legal advice or services provided by them shall be expressly by separate written agreement detailing the nature, scope and compensation therefor between you and said attorney, in which DMG has no involvement or interest.

No Refunds. All Sales are Final.

In order to maintain our availability and hold your time slots open, all sales are final. No refunds shall be provided in the event of cancellation or termination of services (which shall only be by agreement). Notwithstanding the foregoing, in which event of cancellation or termination of services for any reason, any refund shall first deduct an amount equal to value of the consultations held or scheduled and missed, determined at the SINGLE CONSULTATION RATE.

Understood and agreed:

By its purchase of services, Client acknowledges its review and acceptance of the foregoing terms and conditions.