John Dennison consults on making your stand for the life you want to live, and how to apply the principles, practices and perspectives of your awakening to deal with a world hell-bent on stopping you.  He also provides guidance to develop projects that lay a foundation for a better tomorrow.

Whether that means being heard in a world trying to shut you up, sharing your gifts or message, or building the infrastructure and institutions needed to usher in a better world, John will help you do what you’re called to do.

He draws upon a range of disciplines and issues affecting your peace, including those impacting personal, business, legal, social and political affairs.  And sometimes spiritual ones, too.

His focus is dealing with things the way they are and doing whatever’s needed (or at least what you can) to make them into more of what you need them to be.

He is a lawyer with over 40+ years in practice dealing with conflicts and bringing peace to people’s affairs.  He merges that with practices and perspectives from the spiritual path to see possibilities and paths to move through difficult situations in a better way.

Give him a call, drop him an email, or schedule a consultation with him to discuss your needs and situation.