Find your Peace

Find your peace

Knowing yourself is a good start. It's key to everything else on this path.

But if you're not at peace, then it will be hard for you to interact with your outer world in a way that is peaceful. Instead, your own energies and inner conditions will ripple outward and upset relations with the people around you, or cause you to act in ways that do not expand your peace or theirs.

To find your peace, first take stock of whatever is stealing it.  And why?

Once you know that, you'll need to do something to address it. If not, it will keep on irritating you until you explode, much like happened with his wife and the dripping faucet described by Robert Pirsig in  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

You try to ignore it, to discount it, to put it out of your mind. But it's always there. Reminding you. Calling you to action, or keep being tortured by its constant refrain.

Maybe you like the suspense, wondering how long you can put up with it. Maybe you'll even take it out on someone else, redirecting your pent-up emotion as if it were caused by them, Even so, consider they're probably just doing you a favor, serving as the trigger to bring it into your awareness.

So follow it back to it's cause, and address that, too. Not just the conflict itself. Whether within or without, whatever is stealing your peace is probably going to keep doing so unless you do something about it.

Look for it. Deal with it. Find a way.

More ways you can find peace:

  • See and deal with things in better ways
  • Avoid harm and minimize impact
  • Address causal factors
  • Resolve inner and outer conflicts
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Know yourself
  • Change your world

Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

- Reinhold Niebuhr

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