Find your peace

Knowing yourself is a good start. It's key to everything else on this path.

But if you're not at peace, then it will be hard for you to interact with your outer world in a way that is peaceful. Instead, your own energies and inner conditions will ripple outward and upset relations with the people around you, or cause you to act in ways that do not expand your peace or theirs.

So our approach is to help you lay a foundation of peace upon which all else can be built before going out to take on the world.

Part of that is helping you see things another way.  That way starts within you, exploring the energies and patterns that make you the way you are, along with other factors, both inner and outer, that impair your ability to find peace in your time.

Don't think you do it for yourself alone. For finding your own peace is a crucial step in trying to bring peace to the world around you. Otherwise, you risk carrying the seeds of today's problems into the future you want to create.

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You don't have to go it alone.

Meet John Dennison

Lawyer. Coach. Author. Poet. Speaker.

Peacemaker. Spiritual Teacher. Sepsis Survivor. 


Consultations and More

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to see things another way, and help you get clear on where and how to apply your energies so you can build a better tomorrow.  John offers advice, training, coaching and hands-on help to solve problems, stop the fighting and reduce the conflicts in you, your life and affairs.


Hardship, Infirmity and End of Life Planning

Are your affairs in order? Are you ready for what's coming down the road, or struggling to deal with a hardship or infirmity you have now? John will help you face the unknown and deal with the issues and emotions that arise in you and your life.


Counseling to Overcome Your Fears

Fear can turn your life upside down. It can destroy relationships. And it can make you sick. John will help you identify and face your fears and move through the darkness in a better way.


The Art of Going Your Way

A 2-CD Set - $24.95
by John Dennison

Our only hope for peace is to do justice for our reason for coming. That means addressing the hidden conditions behind the fighting, and in the process building lives that serve us, and the world!

This 2-CD set lays out a map through the minefield of human conflict so you can go the way you came for, and add your special contribution to the world.