Building a better tomorrow starts in you.  Our approach involves addressing the things in you and your life that are stealing your peace, and helping you lay a foundation upon which you can build something better.

We offer an inner approach to your outer affairs.

Sometimes a minor tweak in perspective is enough to get started. At others, it demands diving deeply into your core and rooting out the conditions that contribute to the way things are.

Once you see the factors that make things the way they are, you can shape them into what they need to be.

We offer personal coaching designed to address the areas of greatest need. You pick the direction. We'll help you get there.

Coaching provided by John Dennison, a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and peacemaker who helps people find their peace and go their own way.

Life Plans and Life Possibilities


Know yourself

Knowing yourself is key to expanding your consciousness. It allows you to see who you are without the false facade with which you too often see yourself, and to begin to explore the inne world that filters and shapes your outer one.

Listen to your inner voice

We are all conneted to a source of life deep within. It speaks to us to lead us to the experiences we came to get, and guide us how to deal with them. It's calling you to travel the path of your awakening and expansion. Yours is speaking to you. Can you hear it?



Address inner conditions

Making the inner journey can seem daunting. Figuring out what to do with what you find there is even moreso.  However, it is essential to find and address the conditions within that impact our happiness and outer affairs. These include inner conflicts, fears and desires, false images, misperceptions, misunderstandings, bias and prejudice, judgments, and the scars of our past. It's not enough to know they're there. Awareness brings responsibility to do something about them. But what? We can help.

Find your purpose

Some believe their life has meaning, and that they were sent here to fulfill some higher purpose. Hearing your inner voice can help. So can re-aligning the life you have with the one you want. However you see it, we can help you discover yours, and just importantly, breate life into it.

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Address Outer Conditions

Dramas arise every day. Circumstances hold us back. Situations crop up out of nowhere and quickly escalate out of control. Sometimes we think we're powerless to do anything about it. Other times we pretend to ignore it in hopes it will go away.  Conscious evolution demands we confront them head on and claim the peace that is awaiting us.

Deal with problems in a better way

Let's face it. You're probably stuck in a rut, seeing your problems in the same old ways and doing the same old things to try to deal with them. So how's your status quo working out? Ready to try another way?



Life issues and life lessons

Do you know why you're here, or what your life is all about? Running through each of our lives are issues and dramas that keep repeating themselves, inviting us to make another choice. But first we must find the value offered by the experiences we're getting. Don't let "bad" karma ruin your life. Learn from yours and grow into the kind of awakened being you intended to be.

Shift beliefs and perspectives

Beliefs help to create your reality. If yours isn't working the way you want, odds are good you have some that aren't serving you very well and locking you into a status quo that deniew you peace, and perhaps even impairs your mission. Discover yours. Release those don't aren't taking you where you want to go, and adopt new ones that will.



Change your world

There are so many ways you can change your world. Changing yourself and how you see and relate to the worl around you are key. Acting upon your urges and inspirations are as well. We're here to empower you to change your world. Will you let us try?

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