You may need coaching if . . .

How do you know if you need coaching? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for our coaching or personal training:

Personal development

  • You want to be more. Or you want to do, accomplish or have more;
  • There is some issue or area of your life you want to improve;
  • You want to understand yourself and know what your life is all about;
  • You seek meaning for your life and/or direction through your difficulties;
  • You want a guide to walk with you on your spiritual path and accelerate your awakening;


  • You want to live a healthier life and need someone to get and keep you on track;
  • You suffer from low self-esteem or want to build your self-image;
  • You want to improve communications for a better relationship;
  • You have trouble finding your center or listening to your intuition;
  • You have slipped into negativity and find it hard to get out;


  • You’ve tried everything you know but things are not working the way you want;
  • You’re frustrated from beating your head against a wall without getting anywhere;
  • Your life is in turmoil, or filled with struggle, suffering or conflict;
  • Problems are cropping up at every turn and are wearing you down;
  • You are dealing with illness, injury or their aftermath, whether yours or a loved one’s;
  • You are discontent and unhappy with your life/job/spouse/finances;
  • You want inner peace, as well as peace with the world around you;

Planning and Problem Solving

    • You need a confidante and trusted advisor to bounce ideas off of and/or to help you see and explore new possibilities for your life, business or practice;
    • You want someone with experience and know-how who can help you work through your problems to favorable outcomes; and/or

  • You want to create a life plan and/or explore life possibilities, or simply transition to a life that’s different from the one you’ve known.

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