Our Message


Our world is burning. The status quo is crumbling. Conflict is all around.

Nowhere is it more evident than in our political affairs, where the clash of disparate beliefs, interests and agendas fills the news.

Now it appears a second American Civil War is under way, testing our resolve to stay together as a nation and work through the differences that keep us apart.

Forces are at work to drive the wedge in even further.

Already this summer the Battles of Charlottesville, Boston and Berkeley have seen a fury of hate and violence, primarily initiated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter against all who stand in their way.  And some, like the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville, are so filled with their own hate that they all too willing to meet them head on.

But it doesn't stop there.  Blacks and whites are incited toward racial conflict.  Men are bashed to evoke a feminist rage.  Calls are made to destroy the history upon which we were built.

All the while wealthy donors and corporate interests loot our treasures and assert greater and greater control over our government, even while its Deep State conspires for power and world domination, and perhaps even the overthrow of our own lawful leaders.

Our nation is on the brink. What are we to do?


* * * * *



Armaggedon's Happening.

In spiritual terms, what is playing out is a battle between light and dark in a winner-take-all contest of power and will. But for as great as the impact may be or become, the greatest battles of all are those fought within where ego meets consciousness and their reflection in our outer world.  


This Armageddon-in-process tests all that we are, and brings out the darkness in each of us -- either to face down, or succumb to its hold and wage war on all who oppose our will.


It will also open a window into where the light shines inside, where character matters, and loving thy neighbor isn't just some fancy phrase to aspire to, but the standard by which we live as we move forward together.

For that light will loosen our hold upon the beliefs and practices that make this world the way that it is, and allow us to consider new ones that can better take us all where we want to go.

Only then will we be able to choose the path of peace.


* * * * *



This is the dark night of the American soul.  

Somehow we have to find our way through this mess creating lives that work for us, yet still somehow doing our part to build something better.

Awakening souls are called to prepare for the future they want by changing how they see and engage the reality they have now.  And lovingly hold it out for others who also seek a better way.

That's why we say, "Change yourself.  Change your world."

And that way is through you, by healing the scars and clearing the egoic distortions that inflame your passions and pull the emotional triggers that set you to conflict.

It is the way of consciousness, and of becoming more than you are so that you can evolve into what you can be.

It starts by knowing yourself and finding your peace.  Only then can you avoid carrying the seeds of today's problems into the future you want to create.

We know you can do it.   God bless you indeed.