Our Message

Energies are increasing.  Institutions are failing. Lives are being turned upside down.  What's going on?

Our world is on fire, and we're nearing the precipice.

Either we change, and embody the attributes needed to anchor the promised Golden Age of the 5th dimension, with peace and plenty for all.

Or we stay enmeshed in 3rd-density energies of conflict over money, power or just to get our way -- locking us into a cycle that can only bring more of the same -- until that course inevitably leads to our own destruction.

For some, it's not just about conflicts with others.

Those energies also manifest as dramas and difficulties that fuel (and are contributed to by) discontent with the lives they're living and the foundations upon which they've built them.  (This discontent is often a symptom of the soul's call to awaken.  See Whispers in the Silence -- Living by the Light of Your Soul.)

Regardless of how it gets our attention, the result is the same.  Peace is lacking, and we need to find it.

That's where we come in.

We hold out a vision of where we're going, and how to negotiate the dramas and difficulties in a way we can all get there together.

It's a path to peace through consciousness, where man and spirit join together in search of greater truths and awareness -- working to evolve ourselves, and our world, as we work our way back to God, the source of our creation and Oneness with All That Is.

To travel it demands seeing yourself, your life and your world in a new way.  And then, bringing the best of what you find into all your affairs while addressing the conditions that impair it.

It is open to and easily traveled by those of all faiths, and by those with no faith as well.

You can start exploring it for yourself by clicking on the button below.  The life -- and world -- you change will be your own.

We invite you to check it out.