Peace Talk

Peace Talk is John's upcoming interactive video series on finding peace in your time, and using the expanded consciousness it brings to become more than you are in the process.

Join him to learn about finding peace the inner way.  Attendance is FREE.

Video platforms currently under testing are Google Meet and Zoom Meetings.

Instructions on how to join are provided below.


Click on "more details" under the event you want to attend. It will open calendar entry page with a button to "Join with Google Meet." Click on it. That's all.


If the meeting is hosted on Zoom, there will be a "Join Zoom Meeting" option instead. Select it instead, and enter meeting password when asked.

NOTE: For Zoom meetings, you may either watch in your web browser or your can download the Zoom Meeting App for full Zoom functionality. You will be prompted to choose which when you login to the meeting.

To Download Zoom client app: