Whether you're trying to build a better life, or a better world to live it in, we offer help to solve the problems that are getting you down and holding you back.  It falls into three general categories:

Whatever's Stealing Your Peace . . .

  • Discontent and unhappiness
  • Struggle, chasing your tail
  • Failure and frustration
  • Stress, worry and anxiety
  • Personal, family and health issues

Or Impairing Your Impact or Income:

  • Developing your business, mission or creative projects
  • Handling legal matters
  • Lack of money, skills or know-how
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Overcoming mission block

We Can Help!

John Dennison is a lawyer, life coach, business consultant and spiritual teacher.  He has the insight, experience and perspective you need to solve the problems that stealing your peace and keeping you from living the life you want.  Let him help you explore possibilities and craft solutions tailored to your needs.

For Inquiries and Appointments call 954.324.7353