The world we know is changing. It's creating tremendous challenges on many fronts, testing our ability to adapt, survive and thrive.

John Dennison is a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and peacemaker who speaks about building a better tomorrow, and how to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way.

His goal is to not only to give you hope and strength to go on, but also to empower you to create something better.

In the process, we hope to awaken you to the possibility of a tomorrow without the struggle, suffering and conflict that infect our affairs today.

So if your group needs a dynamic speaker for an upcoming event, why not give him a try?

To inquire about having John speak at your event or to your group via videoconferencing or teleconference, please email us or call 954-324-7353. Be sure to leave a message.

What’s it cost?

In lieu of his customary professional speaker fees, keynotes at non-profit-sponsored events will accrue an honorarium equal to fifty percent (50%) of all donations, ticket revenues, and other event receipts.   His honorarium is due and payable upon completion of his participation in the event. Other terms are available for conferences, panels and breakout sessions.

Attention Show Producers and On-Air Talent:

John is also available for interviews and appearances on podcasts, web video, teleconference, radio, and television.   Contact him to arrange a segment for your show today.