Whispers in the Silence Table of Contents

Whispers in the Silence – Table of Contents

The Peace That Waits


    The Bold Rider
    The Way of Love
    A World Gone Awry
    A Great Wind is Blowing
    The Precipice
    Whispers in the Darkness

Breath BreakAwakening


    From Dissatisfaction to Despair
    The Quest
    Giving Up – And Giving In
    Seek What the Master Sought
    Why Me?

The Nature of Man

    A Story of Creation
    Journey to the Soul

A Puzzle Without Pieces 


Introduction to Cultivation

    Free Will
    Living in the Moment
    The Lieutenants of Love
    Do No Harm
    Be Truthful
    Do Not Steal
    Losing Desire
    Construct the Temple
    Breaking Attachment
    Overcoming Emotions
    Moving Beyond the Senses
    The Light
    Listening to Your Soul
    The Power of Intention


Living in the Light

    On Relationships
    Living with Passion
    The Tortoise and The Hare
    Life is a Classroom
    Come From Where You Are
    The Difficult Path
    I Walk But Once

Everyman (Afterword)