Online Cultivation Practice - "Spiritual Training, Sir"

John here.  I've been working on a new concept (for me, at least) in online training.  It involves what I called Cultivation Practice in Whispers in the Silence.

I come from a karate/martial arts background and recognize the benefit of regular training over time. While not the same as training in a Buddhist lamasery or Shaolin temple, such practice allowed development of both understanding as well as skill in application.

Hopefully we can do something similar here.  So we're going to start a New Age kind of karate class, but without the karate.  What kind of training?  "Spiritual training, sir!"

I'm thinking it will look something like this, except I'll be leading it and adding new material as you're ready.  If you're interested, I'll have more information for you soon.

Please note we won't be holding any seminars and workshops during lockdown while COVID lurks, so this might be the only interactive training available for a while.  Then again, you never know.


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