Spiritual Foundations

At the heart of many of our world's ills is the conflict of beliefs, particularly those impacting our relationship to life, each other and the source that gives us life.  Some call these beliefs religion. Others spirituality. Still more deny a spiritual  perspective altogether.

Awakening brings illumination to the path of our upliftment and return to Oneness.  It allows us to see that the spiritual foundations upon which we build our conflicts are shifting sands, each offering a perspective and path to the afterlife of their beliefs.

John shares a way where those beliefs come together free of the dogma and practices over which they contend.  He shows how to make that journey home by your inner voice, and to use it to moderate the influence of ego that locks you into the way things are.

WhisperZone.org is where John lays out the path of awakening and how to work with our inner world to build a better tomorrow in this outer one.

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