We speak to and for those who want peace.  It is both the end they seek, and the means of getting there.

Sometimes, though, creating a space for that peace demands making a stand for yourself and all that you are about.  At others, though, it’s just about riding out the storm and finding a way to clean up the mess once it blows over.

Your life is your life. You live it. Not us.

We just shine light on the energies and causal factors that make it the way that it is, and try to empower you to do something about it should you choose.

For ultimately, it’s all about you.  Or more particularly, how your life contributes to the evolution of your soul on your spiritual journey back to God.

We talk a lot about this journey, for it adds perspective and context that can help you deal with whatever life serves up for you to experience. But to have peace, you don’t even have to know you’re making it.

Peace only demands a choice in this moment.

So, what will you choose for yourself? How will you make your journey to wherever you’re trying to go?

I’m John Dennison, and I’ll be your guide if you allow me.

While I’ve worn many hats over the years, think of me as spiritual catalyst to expand what you know yourself to be and are capable of, while knowing/growing closer to God and the mastery at your core.

PeaceOptions is where I drop breadcrumbs of what I’ve picked up on my journey, hopefully in a way applicable to your own.

If it helps, please pay it forward.

God bless you indeed.


More About PeaceOptions

This is a place created to help you find peace in your time.  Here are some of the ways people have seen and interacted with PeaceOptions over the years:

  • As a repository of perspective and deeper learning on who you are and why you’re here;
  • As a host of community dinners where people could connect and grow in peace together;
  • As a planner/presenter of peace-enhancing events and learning materials;
  • As a place for news and views on issues and events that impact your peace;
  • As a place to focus on yourself, your life and relationship to the Presence inside you;
  • As a reminder that peace matters with encouragement to seek it;
  • As a source of guidance on the inner way;
  • As a voice for your inner voice;
  • As a finger pointing to home by an experienced guide offering help to find your peace along the path to get there; and
  • Most of all, as a place where you can allow peace to sweep over you and carry it with you after you’ve returned to your life in the outer world.

Maybe you see or use our resources differently.  If so, drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list.