There are many difficulties to overcome if we are to build this new world. One of […]
Politics is a dirty business. The interests of the people routinely take a back seat to […]
Mainstream politics is slipping deeper into polarity wars for control over us and the direction of […]
Liberty may be the buzz word for a lot of people, but it seems to me […]
In case you haven’t noticed, individuality and the freedom to be yourself are under attack these […]
For a guy who talks so much about peace, I sure don’t feel very peaceful these […]
I’m beginning to wonder. Because with the state of our system and the political affairs that […]
It’s all a shell game, and we’re the ones being manipulated by these elections into believing […]
Today I will speak of possibility — the possibility of what can be. Our news is […]
Yesterday I heard someone say they wanted world peace. That sure would be great. But then […]