These are tough times.  The COVID response has shut down our economy, as well as our freedom of movement, and the effects are rippling across the land.

The Deep State civil war rages on, too.  Recently released documents show the FBI not only tried to frame Gen. Michael Flynn, but also failed to produce them to his counsel pursuant to court order and the requirements of law.

Then again, what’s law got to do with a civil war?

Rumors of indictments against FBI and Justice Department top-level brass are also in the news, suggesting a corrupt intent to prosecute both Flynn and Trump to stop them from doing their thing to stop ongoing FISA and other malfeasance, abuse and corruption.

To boot, the specter of coordinated effort between Congressional Democrats and Chinese spread of the coronavirus (or at least deflecting China’s blame for it) is now being raised, as well as such “fixes” as digital passports, embedded micro-chips and vaccines to go along with lock-downs to control the populace.

Now supply chain disruptions are spreading to the meat industry (gleefully cheered by some) while millions are unsure where they’ll get their next meals, considering their lack of money and opportunity to earn income during the lock-downs.

It’s a crazy time, and peace is fleeting.  And the way things look, the situation portends to get worse before it gets better.

In short, the storm is raging.  If you haven’t battened down the hatches and rigged for rough weather (a sailing term for when caught in a storm), now might be a good time to start.


Like Maslow’s hierarchy, I recommend starting by securing your ability to survive as best as possible.  That includes securing your home from potential intruders seeking to steal your food or other belongings, and growing your own when possible.

Because if one thing is becoming clear, we cannot depend on government to save us.  We can’t depend on the food supply and its distribution chain, either.  As one who has prepared for and survived several hurricanes, I’d also suggest that water and electric disruptions might not be far behind.

It’s important to approach this situation dispassionately.  Fear cannot be allowed to run rampant.  Emotions must be kept under control, lest they exacerbate your struggle and suffering or open the door to illnesses or other physical or mental breakdowns.

But like the Boy Scouts’ motto says, “Be prepared.”

You once thought situations like we have now could never happen. But they did.  Do you think the other doomsayers’ predictions are now just runaway conspiracy theories, or do you see a thread of possibility (even probability) that others could come true, too?  Like maybe a crash of the monetary system?

The problem is, most people don’t have the ability to do much about it.  Funds are low, if they have any at all.  A $1200 government handout doesn’t go far.  So stocking up on survival goods is probably out of the question.

Nevertheless, you’ve been warned. “The risk reasonably to be perceived defines the duty to be obeyed.”  Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad.  Do you really think it is unreasonable to foresee more disruptions and efforts to control you?

So what can you do?

  1. Secure your home;
  2. Secure your food, water and energy sources;
  3. Connect with family or other community for mutual support, perhaps even considering moving to a location where that might be easier;
  4. Avoid political and systemic confrontation unless essential for your survival or future life;
  5. Connect with God, and restore your relationship with the source of your being;
  6. Use the catalyst of this situation (and future ones) to improve your ability to both live in this world, as well as to walk the talk of your spiritual beliefs (without doing harm to others in the process); and
  7. Extend a helping hand — when you can — to others in need.

These may seem redundant suggestions, or perhaps even seen as an unnecessary focus upon “negative” possibilities.  But if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.  For the worst is yet to come.

God willing, I’ll try to be there to help you get through it.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed.


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