This whole global warming hubbub gives me pause.  I’m not a climate denier. I do believe that human activity contributes to our climate, though probably not in a significant way.

However, I find it really hard to believe the Chicken Littles who scream that the sky is falling — or in this case, heating to outrageous levels that portend disastrous consequences — all as a result of our burning fossil fuels and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

I know that mankind has done a piss poor job of caring for each other, much less the world on which we live. Environmental degradation and destruction seem endemic, particularly in the developing world. But that still doesn’t answer the question at hand.


Is modern civilization really threatening the future of our children?


Certainly pollution is not a good thing, and needs to be reigned in. But the proposals being rammed down our throats seem like overkill. From carbon taxes to offset credits, it just smacks of another effort to expand a global bureaucracy while skimming funds for pet projects.

Part of my concern is because the solutions offered won’t really do much other than act as a giant wealth-transfer vehicle. The Paris Accord was projected to have little more than a .5 degree impact on global temperatures over the next hundred years. Frankly, I don’t know if that’s a big deal or not. And as you’ll see from the video, that rise is based on their ASSUMPTION THAT IT IS CAUSED BY HUMAN ACTIVITY ALONE.

Perhaps it is. I don’t know. Neither do you.

What I do know is that the cost it was imposing — by a treaty rammed down our throats without Senate ratification as is required in our system of governance — was going to be taking our money (in terms of higher costs of goods and services) and giving them to nations like India who are pumping pollution into the air at alarming rates, without any guarantee it would be used for clean technologies, much less make a difference in global climate.

While I was skeptical of their claims, I’d never really formed an opinion against global warming before I saw the following interview. But now, I’m really thinking they’re trying to sell us a bill of goods.



As it turns out, the Earth has been in an Ice Age for a long time now. And if the trends of our past are any indication, it will get a lot colder around here somewhere down the road.

Understand that when we’re talking climate, we’re not talking the weather of the last 20 or 50 or 100 years. Sure, that’s in the period we’ve been able to monitor. But climatologists look at a far bigger picture, as well as the patterns and trends that picture lays out.

The key point raised by the climate alarmists is that records dating from 1850’s show a warming trend. CO2 levels have increased, and temperatures have gone up. It’s being blamed by climate alarmists upon the industrial revolution, and the projected increases in those levels point to future disaster, including melting ice caps and rising sea levels.

Set hysteria aside for the moment.

The 1850’s were the end of a period called the Mini Ice Age. Rivers were freezing all over the globe. Yet industrialization was no where to be found back then.

Naturally, coming out of this mini-Ice Age (which is within the larger Ice Age that is now taking place), temperatures have risen. And may continue to rise for a while longer still if the trend line holds. But not for long.


It is difficult to ascertain the human impact upon this trend.


Even assuming it was ALL associated with human activity (doubtful when you look at history), it is going nowhere near the highs of CO2 in the past when the ice ages were all over and plants were left to rule the world. CO2 levels skyrocketed, even when humans were not around.

At some point soon (geologically speaking), temperatures are going to fall off the table and ice will again spread around the globe. In fact, it’s already growing in Antarctica, even while melting in Greenland.  As a point of reference, the Great Lakes were carved out by glaciers long since melted. This course of global melting has been going on for a long time since, even while new ice is forming.

Climate alarmists think this CO2 rise causes warming. Skeptics think the warming causes the CO2 rise.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.  Let me know what you think. I’m willing to change my mind. So convince me if you can.

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