community-street-scene-1_optFor a long while I’ve searched for groups that practiced and/or supported conscious business. But they were few and far between here in South Florida. Those that did form usually were small in reach and numbers, and often flamed out after a short time on the scene.

Perhaps that’s because the marriage of consciousness with business — you know, that greedy pursuit of profit without giving a damn about anything or anybody else — has had a rocky start. It needed years and years of environmental destruction, financial meltdown and political shenanigans before many woke up to the realization that if our world was going to change, it would have to start with them.

But I think the time has arrived for conscious businesses to stand and be counted and shine their light for others to follow. No longer must they work in the shadows, . There are now many in business — owners, entrepreneurs, workers, managers — who recognize the responsibility of every sentient being to act in ways that enhance the peace, harmony and well-being of all, not just oneself. And they want to show it in all that they are and do.

ANOTHER Conscious Business Network?

communityAnyway, we’ve formed one. It’s called the South Florida Conscious Business Network. Check it out.

So why would we decide to go where others have gone before and, if not failed, had less than stellar success?

Well, first, we’re doing it in coordination with Conscious Capitalism of Florida. It’s the state chapter of the national organization started by John Mackey from Whole Foods and others to bring together businesses around core concepts of conscious purpose, leadership, culture, sustainability and stakeholders.

Second, I don’t believe in going it alone (and neither should you). Life’s too short. There are a lot of good people, both at CCF and elsewhere, who are involved in making this a go. Hopefully you can be one of them.

Third, we’re going to try a combination of formats and locations to make it easier for people throughout South Florida to participate. So as our ranks grow, look for events throughout the region.

Fourth, we’re not in competition with any other group. Rather, we’d like to become an umbrella to funnel new people out to them, too. The idea is to enhance and empower conscious business, and I don’t care how we do it. Only that we do.

Most importantly, though, the time is now.

Our world is sliding deep into chaos and conflict. It needs a new way to go forward together for the benefit of all.

One piece of that foundation is conscious business. It is a statement to ourselves, and to the world, that we know that we are all connected, and that others beside us matter, too, as well as this world we live on. And that we are prepared to walk our talk and conduct our affairs in ways that reflect it.

I know there are many conscious individuals here in South Florida who want to know and rub elbows with others like them. They care about people and the world, and wear it on their sleeves. They want to make a difference for others, and in their lives, too.

The world you change will be your own.

If you’re one of them, I invite you to visit the group page and join us. Come network with us. Or attend one of our monthly dinners or other events. Most of them will be free or Dutch Treat. And if you don’t see one near you, drop me a line.  We’ll try to set one up a little closer.

And if you want to develop conscious perspectives and practices for yourself or your business, we can help you do that with our coaching and consulting. Just give me a call.

Either way, the important thing is the world we change, and the contributions we each make along the way.  But that is only possible if we build lives (and businesses) that serve not only us, but also the world.

Otherwise, we’ll just be creating more of the same.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.


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