The easy times of the past are long gone (as if they were ever easy). They’ve been replaced by trials and tribulations that are shaking your reality to its core.

Welcome to the revolution.

No, not a revolution in the political sense, though perhaps some of those are coming.  Rather, it’s a revolution in how you see and interact with the world.

Right now it’s trying to force you to choose.  Either you stand for the life you want, or you live on your knees with the life that someone else serves up for you.

Neither choice does much to solve the problems of our society.  Poverty, racism and corruption are still there.  They probably will still be when this storm blows over.

What might not be there, however, is your ability to be left alone, to go your own way without interference or control by others.

Almost guaranteed to be gone is your right to think for yourself, or say what’s on your mind.  Hopefully you’d do so in a loving and uplifting manner anyway, but you’re really not going to have a choice — at least, until those who are committed to free will stand against the mob and its minions who enforce their political and cultural correctness.

Of course, if you agree with them, you probably don’t see it as a problem.  Shut them all up and make them all go away so you can be free of the mental turmoil of having a thought that doesn’t fit your narrative or power grab.

If so, you might as well start with me.  Because I won’t shut up.  I’ll keep talking about peace, and how the imposition of your will and desires on others steals it for everyone.

It’s contrary to all the foundational principles of the path of awakening anyway.  You know them by heart by now. Like free will, love and light, for a start.

But if you’re looking not to hear me and haven’t bothered to unsubscribe yet, then something in you wants to see things another way.  It’s just your mind — or more particularly, the egoic distortions within you — that screams to censor all that makes you question the way you are.

Then again, that’s probably not you.  Because you welcome challenges to your world view, and alternate ways of engaging others than beating them up and shutting them down.

If not, I encourage you to speak up. Stand.  Contact your political leaders and make your voice heard.  Support the society which has given you life, and freedom, and the opportunity to go your own way, even if you choose not to seize it.

I’m not advocating against reforming police or ending racism or our overseas wars of conquest.  Those are still issues you’ll have to deal with — hopefully consciously, with reasoned analysis and communication, not screaming at the top of your lungs in another’s face.

Civility matters, because you’re going to want to live in this world when it’s over. So practice all your best attributes.  Rolling over and playing dead while pretending none of it matters is probably not one of those.

Neither is standing silently by in the face of harm.

But what matters most is how you use the moment, and whether it helps to expand your consciousness and accelerate your journey to the light, or blocks it and sends you back to go.  And that depends on how you play the game of life.

Life is calling you to be an active participant to find your peace and build a life that serves you, even within this messed-up reality we’ve got right now.

Use your discomfort with the way things are to stand for the way you want them to be.  Neither side has all the answers.  Be like water, and seek your own level.  Then act on it.

It’s the only way you’ll have a chance to get things to turn out your way.  Otherwise, you’ll get whatever crumbs they leave you, if you’re still around at all.

Go with love.

John Dennison
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