This is the time of changes.

Vast streams of light are bombarding our world, testing the bonds that bind us together.

As with any change, the forces supporting the status quo are pitted against those whose discontent is too great to stand by and allow the way things are to continue.

So they fight to stand for what they believe and how they want things to be — and against the abuses of the way things are.

The light amplifies our differences as we’re pulled toward our extremes, putting us in conflict with those who see and want things another way.

It is within this environment that our find ourselves, struggling to build lives that work and a world that serves us all.

Things are getting out of hand and threatens the peace of us all.

We bring consciousness to this conflict so those drawn into the fight can have a choice — of whether, when and how they’ll engage in those battles to move forward to a better tomorrow.

Ultimately, it becomes a question of peace.  How we’ll find it.  How we’ll create it.  How we’ll relate to those who want another way.

For eventually that struggle will end, and we’ll be faced with picking up the pieces and finding a way forward together.

The solution lies with the Great Awakening of humanity — not just to the abuses and oppression, but to the Oneness at our core, and our collective journey to get there.  This is the only way we’ll get through this mess without destroying each other in the process.

It starts with a choice.  Your choice.  Will you fight to go your way alone.  Or will you make your stand for Oneness, and find a way to bring others along as well?

After all, where we go One, we go All.

John Dennison
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