What’s It Got to Do with You?

The world is in conflict all around, and you’re smack dab in the middle of it.  Why?  What’s it got to do with you?

Well, you know about the Great Awakening.  It’s the time of changes and many are being called to awaken to their journey to Oneness.

The conflicts of our world are setting the stage so they can do this.  Not to drag them into the fray, but to cause them to stop and think.  What’s going on? Why am I being triggered so?  Is fighting the only way?

Their inner voices are telling them there’s more to what’s going on than meets the eye, and bidding them to find and use it to take their next steps on the path of awakening.

Some will embrace the conflict and rush headlong into the fight.  Their vision is clouded by their outer world and the distortions they carry inside.

But discontent rises within them, making them unable to embrace the battles.  So they fight reluctantly, doing what they think they have to do, secretly knowing that even victory may not bring them the peace they seek.

And the inner voice keeps whispering, filling them with knowing there’s got to be a reason for it all.  Why? What’s in it for them?  What’s in it for YOU?

As they seek answers, awareness of inner factors begins to grow.  Emotions triggered by the conflicts bring upset.

With greater awakening comes awareness of the hidden conditions and inner factors at play — not only in them, but in those with whom they spar.  For the conflict opens a window through which light shines into the awakening soul, illuminating their inner world and all that goes into its relationship with its outer one.

After all, it is through conflict with others that we are tested in our ability to love and be loved.  It is through this conflict that our souls evolve and grow toward the light — subconsciously calling us to question the separation that fuels our conflicts until it grows into a torrent flowing toward the Oneness where they will be no more.

As those wars escalate and we realize the futility of making war to get our way (for it only leads to greater conflict and separation, denying us a true and lasting peace), we begin to see the conflicts offer a way to lead us out of the darkness, if only we would open our eyes to see it.

So what’s in it for you?

The conflicts of your outer world are pointing you to your inner one, and the relationship between them that you have created in order to get the experiences you need.  Not to withdraw from that outer world and cede the field of battle to those who want another way, but to use consciousness to guide your efforts and engage them in ways that encourage all to evolve to the light.

Here at PeaceOptions we shine the light so consciousness can guide you through this process, to see and understand what’s happening WITHIN YOU and how you can use it on your journey of awakening to benefit not only you, but also your world.

Everything we do is meant as a catalyst for consciousness, in hopes you will see your world in another way — a mass pursuit to end to the separation that keeps us apart, a pursuit to which most remain unaware.

Your job is not to awaken them; it is to use the conflict to illuminate and address your own inner distortions that impair your journey to Oneness.

Finding your peace will show you the way.

John Dennison
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