stop-procrastinating_optWhy do something now, when it can be done later?

We’ve all said this to ourselves sometimes with something so simple as cleaning the dishes. Other times it can be dealing with with issues that must be resolved in the world, but there is a common theme here, YOU.

You choose  how you want to deal with or act in the current moment. Here are 5 steps on how to stop procrastinating NOW!

Everything in the world is about YOU and how you choose to view yourself in relation to everything else.

When we procrastinate we put on hold the flow of our intentional life energy and transform it into a stagnant energy that seems to create a negative feedback loop of not only energy but thoughts and actions alike.

Procrastinating is viewed by many as a choice. A simple choice to choose what one should do in a given moment versus what one feels like doing. Choosing to not do something can be viewed as short term mood repair to make ourselves “feel” better about some aspect of our reality. To see why we procrastinate check out this article on (

Most procrastination comes when we are presented with an obstacle or situation that is not easily accomplished. However it is no more easier in a future moment than it is is the current to complete said task. What typically has changed is us. Our perception of ourselves in relation to the world around us.

Timothy Pychyl, a psychologist from Carleton University and author of The Procrastinator’s Digest talked on this subject. He defines procrastinating as a breakdown of volitional action, and insists that procrastination has no redeeming quality – it is always a failure to do what a person ought to do. Tim also suggests that procrastination is connected to “short-term mood repair” – avoiding what we do not want to do in the moment to focus on what will make us feel good now. Read more here

I offer you these steps to better understanding  how you can better grow into the individual you always wanted to be. These steps implemented from the core of the self projected outward with intention are a few ways to keep yourself accountable and on track to the YOU that you truly want to be.


Step 1 Eliminate the “go-to’s”

What is a Go-To? A Go-To is a habit or an action that we choose to do as either entertainment or distraction. Both will give us a procrastination of the task that is needed for us to complete.

Go-To’s typically will put us in a good mood or help us feel better mentally about ourselves because we enjoy these Go-To’s because they give us pleasure. When we have another task required or set in front of us Go-To’s are just time wasters. Go-To’s   are what we choose to do instead of doing something more important or challenging.  We choose to do over a task at hand because this is easier, helps us de-stress or even clear our head.

We choose these actions of procrastination because there is a comfort in knowing how these acts make us feel.  For example If I know I need to be more active and I want to start a workout program but can’t seem to get a positive feeling about starting the program and I choose to go watch tv or just lay down because of the daunting mental stress of trying to get my body where I want to be.

We become more comfortable knowing that at least watching tv or lying down might make me feel better for the moment giving me a sense of control and relaxation yet, not getting me any closer to my goal the stress regarding the procrastinated task is now bigger and tougher than before, and this loop can continue to build stress til it is unbearable.


Step 2  Create a Schedule, then hold yourself to it.

In today’s world it’s impossible to completely compartmentalize or shut off certain avenues of life, because life is a grand river always flowing from one moment to the next each bead of water intricately connected and a forbearer of the next stream of beads.

In order to set yourself up for the best opportunity of success we should approach time as precious as any commodity we have because these wonderful moments are finite and will run out. Almost every article discussing procrastination talks about this in some way. Including this article by Clesetine Chua from that dicusses this very topic.

To continue with my previous example, start a new workout program the best way to approach would be make sure you start by writing out a plan to cover the basic aspects of a fitness program, how often, what type of exercise and basic nutrition principles to follow each day.

Walking 2-3 days a week with full body exercise 2 times per week, and trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies with each meal while trying to limit sugars and processed foods, simple yet effective.


Step 3 Change your Environment.

Sometimes we are so caught up in our own thought patterns that we require a new situation, or environment to birth new ways of thinking, help create new behavior patterns or maybe even just stopping the old feedback loop we are used to.

This step can be very useful to anyone who feels trapped in any aspect of life.

Changing the environment isn’t just about location physically , sometimes it requires changing of the mental environment. Yes Your thoughts can be the very chains keeping you trapped in the very situation you are in!

We must become very adept at shifting perspectives and looking at situations in life from different points of view.

The ability to see the our situation from a different perspective will remove the chains brought on by the thoughts that can create this paralyzing stress.

The individual who is unable to motivate oneself to begin a workout program usually has a self image belief of themselves that is unable to attain the ideal that they believe they themselves have to have to be happy with themselves.

Ideals are like platonic forms in that they exist in a world that we do not live in, we cannot attain such perfection as these ideals exist outside of time and space, and impossible to attain.

So we must draw our attention away from the ideal and what “We see at the end of the tunnel” and focus our attention to the step we can control.

This step is tangible and achievable in this world.  The step is viewing your current situation as what do I have to do to get on the path to my goal? Perspective of realizing what can I do to take a step in the right direction to create individual you want to see in the mirror.

These steps can be brainstorming ideas, writing down pro and con lists, a progression step in between where I am and where I want to be.

If my goal is to run a marathon someday, a good first step is to go for a long walk.

If my goal is to lose weight a first step could be eating breakfast everyday or trying to limit sugary drink intake.

If we fail to take those first steps of setting ourselves up for change then change will not occur. Albert Einstein is credited with the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

Change your environment, Change who you are into who you want to be.


Step 4 Become compassionate towards yourself.

We too often beat ourselves up for not doing what we planned to do. Yes while it’s good to have goals and hold yourself accountable but when we beat ourselves up we create a negative feedback loop that can destroy any progress made towards the ultimate goal.

When things don’t go your way because maybe you were unable to workout today, the best plan of action would be to be supportive of yourself for having to make that choice. And getting back to your schedule as quickly as possible understanding that we can’t always be perfect but we can still stay on task.

Being compassionate requires being able to shift perspectives in thought and understanding that all of life is a journey not a result. And WE shall continue this journey as soon as possible.

The challenge is regaining focus upon the goal to be attained, once this is clear motivation and direction can be regained.


Step 5 ACT NOW.

Your goals do not come closer without taking steps to get you there. This is the beginning of your journey to mastering a piece of yourself. With this breath set your intention on that goal that has eluded your grasp.

Begin to search your mind for goals or accomplishments you want to experience in this life.

Breathe in the calmness of the air around you as you think about where it is you want to go.

What can you do without procrastination in your life?

The Answer you will find is, anything.

Now what is it ,that YOU Want in your LIFE?



If you are having trouble with seeing the steps to become who you want, or achieving your goal?  Our life coaches will help you illuminate the goals you want to achieve by quieting the the noise of the mind and environments, directing you upon your unique path of personal development and enlightenment.


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