Hello, my friend.


It’s been a strange month. I’ve been focused on completing some long-put-off jobs, the very thought of which had set off resistance of one form or another, both within and without. 


And the one that’s attracted far too much attention — shining a light on the spiritual path — has taken a backseat recently. 


Funny how we get so focused that we’re often almost oblivious, or at least able to ignore, situations that have come into our lives that we just don’t deal with, for whatever reason. 


For me, I’m finding it harder and harder to seemlessly shift between tasks like I used to do over and over again. It’s like I have to not just change my effort and focus, but also my vibration and state of being. 


My grandma’s old saying has become a way of life now — when the spirit moves me, I’ll do it. Not before then. 


As you can guess, spirit’s been moving me to reclaim the energies of my incomplete intentions.  One down. One in the works. One on deck. And another even bigger one waiting in the wings while the energies amass to start it, too.


My Red Pill podcast is on hold as a result. Or is it? The energies could shift in another moment, perhaps even before I get this out to you. 


That’s what I wanted to talk to you about today. The energies of our reality are in flux. They ebb and flow. Vibrations change. Intentions, too, as well as our attachment and impact of/on the fears and desires that set them in motion. 


This is the time of changes, especially in you. Notice them. Allow those you want. Resist those you don’t. But remember, what you resist, persists. So go with the flow as much as you can, assuming you can accept the consequences coming down the road. 


Try to be aware of the watcher, the consciousness within that sees, experiences, and directs all. It offers you choice, at least when you can break free of the influences of your attachments, thoughts and emotional responses. 


That choice often brings conflict. For it pits your outer world against your inner one, and the pursuit of your desires against their surrender and release as you weave through the experiences your life is bringing on your spiritual journey. 


The shifting energies don’t help. They make it hard to hold onto the lifeline of the lives we once knew. Sometimes we can’t. 


I can’t make it easier for you, but I can tell you how I am experiencing it. Maybe you feel much the same. 


It’s like I’m an astronaut drifting in space, sometimes deeply at peace, at others dumbfounded by my inability to influence much of anything except whatever is before me in this moment — if then. 


Untethered is the only way I can describe it. 


Simultaneously scary and exhilarating, the only way to navigate is by your inner voice, assuming you can hear it and your ego gets out of the way. Because your mind probably isn’t quite ready to deal with it all and still get where you need to go. 


Enjoy the journey. It can be heaven, or it can be hell. The choice is yours.


God bless you indeed. 

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