We’ve talked at length about the energies bombarding our world.  They’re acting upon us, causing us to vibrate with ever-increasing intensities.

If this happened in a vacuum, it wouldn’t be a problem.  But in a manifest world of energy, it’s not just our energies that are increasing. Everyone’s are.

The result is the magnification of our differences and visibility of all the conditions that exist within us and our society that make both so much less than we want them to be.

The problem? Increasing intensity of opposing polarities bring greater conflict, stretching the bonds that have held our civilization together.


This influx of energies has fueled a concerted effort to undermine the values we once held dear and replace it all with a culture of control and domination by a new chosen few. It is resulting in widespread conflicts over many aspects of our common affairs, and exacerbating the divide between men and women, rich and poor, white and black by bringing all the ills of our past to the surface to work out together — or if not, to devolve into a special kind of Armageddon where we destroy ourselves and all we hold dear.

These polarity wars mark the time of changes. Human is pitted against human in a battle to see which will prevail, each adding fuel to the fires of hatred, distrust and prejudice.


Why polarity wars?

Because we’re each energetic beings.  And like all magnets, we have positive and negative poles between which we move as we evolve.  We may find ourselves at various points along the continuum along the way, though generally we gravitate toward one pole or the other.

It is with those predominantly of the opposite pole with whom we fight, unable to hear or process what they’re saying because of the interference set off by our own vibrations.

Achieving a state of balance — creating a space for peace — becomes well nigh impossible when we’re caught up in the energies of conflict.  Our only hope for peace is to step outside the conflict, dissipate our energies and hold the space for others, all the while hoping they don’t come along and drag us back into it.

That’s where the spiritual path comes into focus.

Traveling the spiritual path is a process of awakening to the wholeness at our core, growing inward and upward toward the light of our creator.  It is traveled by moderating the ego and clearing inner distortions that block the light and trigger us into battle.

Religions try to do this, albeit often with rigid dogma, practices and standards of conduct that sometimes do more harm than good.  But underlying those misguided efforts remains a deep connection to the source of life, a life that all want to continue after their time in this world is over.

The awakening soul, however, begins to see the impact of the outer conflicts upon its own quest for peace and greater enlightenment. As it does, it often finds itself faced with a choice.  Fight over what you want and believe, or concede your future to the whims of those who think and want something else.

This choice is illusory on the path.  There is no either/or course.  For if wholeness is the goal, and peace the way to get there, fighting to preserve and protect the interests of one’s side of the polarity only drags us deeper into the mire.


Where we go One, we go All

There is a phrase going around now associated with the QAnon phenomenon. It’s, “Where we go one, we go all.”  You’ve probably seen the hashtag #WWG1WGA around social media.  It’s probably even pushed a button or two in you, either to support Q’s effort to bring light to the abuses of a ruling power elite, or to pooh-pooh and write it off as a fringe movement based on an unfounded conspiracy theory, and its followers as crazed loons.

To my understanding, the phrase originated on the bell aboard John F. Kennedy’s yacht, later copied and used in the movie, “White Squall.”

Wherever it came from, it is a concept that I encourage all awakening souls to consider for themselves.

For we all come from Oneness in unity consciousness with God. Through multiple layers of distortions we separate ourselves from God, ultimately into the individualized personalities that have to live in this material world.

Awakening — a condition that arises when one become aware of its journey back to Oneness — makes it harder and harder to fight the polarity wars. They steal our peace and immerse us in the material ways, focused on fighting here rather than preparing ourselves for and making our journeys home (where those distortions, or illusions of separation, dissolve as we begin to know ourselves as One).

We are all returning to that Oneness.  We are all enmeshed in our polarities.  Somehow we have to overcome them to get where we want to go.  And fighting isn’t going to take us there.

The only way to resolve the polarity wars is by making peace the means of our travel.  When that peace is hard to find while under attack, we essentially have two choices — to fight back (and stay locked in 3D reality), or find another way through it all that advances our journeys, hopefully in ways that builds lives that serve us here, too.

This is the Middle Path of which Buddha taught, possible only when we find a place of balance between the extremes while we work our way to the light.

Yet, even those who fight are going to the same place. But while they’re here, they want a better life, and a better world to live it in.

The energies are coming to the surface in each of us to try to accomplish this.  The test for humanity is whether we’ll succumb to our polarity wars and continue to their ultimate conclusion where all are destroyed, or whether we’ll find a way to put down the sword and concentrate on our journeys home.

Each of us make our journeys home alone. But only together can we solve this conflict in a way that allows all to get there without perpetuating the battles that have marred human history.

I suspect it will happen only when all learn to turn the other cheek and resist temptation to escalate the fight.  Until then, awakening souls must allow their awakening to be seen by others in hopes they will choose to come along to a destination of peace and plenty for all, without domination or control by or over any.

It starts with you, in this moment, in the perspectives you take and the choices you make.  And most of all, in the love that you show and share.

I trust you’ll do it well.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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