This coronavirus is offering many spiritual lessons.  Not the least of those involves the Law of One.

Our journey through this reality is marked by the expansion of awareness (consciousness) of who we are and our relationship to others and God.  That happens as we learn to love and be loved.

Each of us is at a different place along that evolutionary journey home.  And though this 3D world is not the end of the line for our souls, the lives we live reflect our place along the continuum between service-to-self and service-to-others (and the paths we’ve chosen to get home).

This coronavirus is bringing those differences clearly into focus.

On the one hand, an entire nation (sic, world) is locking down to stop its spread.  Many are rallying to the call to do their part.  People are voluntarily upsetting their lives to sequester themselves when necessary and severely curtail their normal daily activities.

Others are not so magnanimous, hoarding supplies like toilet paper and other goods.  Whether done for fear or profit, their anti-social behavior clearly shows they are immersed in service-to-self, to the harm and detriment of those who are more balanced or lean toward service to others.

To make matters worse, splashed all over the news are thousands of people crowding beaches, defying public health recommendations and risking transmission among them and to their families back home.

I hope it stops there.  But fear and panic don’t mix well with service-to-self, and the social and personal repercussions can be immense.

In times of crisis, the great divide in our world becomes obvious.  That divide is not between ideologies, religions or politics.  It is between those who serve themselves and those who are more balanced and caring about their impact on others.

Both are paths back to the Creator.  But one is, quite frankly, prey for the other.

That’s why as civilization developed it began to reign in man’s baser instincts that too often come out in service-to-self.  Laws were enacted.  The most egregious behaviors were prohibited and punished as criminal.  Standards and mores were established through law and religion to provide for the orderly conduct of society.

But laws can’t drive the self-interest out of the self — only love and light can turn a consciousness away from its own needs and desires.  But love and light don’t stop murder, theft or other crimes.

Yet the awakening soul is asked to love those who would control it or do its embodiment harm. 

This love is at first hard to muster.  But it becomes easier as realization grows that we are all One at our core, and that what we do to or for others, we also do to/for ourselves.

Maybe this virus will help to make us all realize that, and work a little harder to put into practice the best that we have inside.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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