March 2019 Newsletter – Pray for Ray

Hey, there.  John here.

Laura’s father could use your prayers.  He’s been in and out of hospitals this last month with heart issues.  She’s practically living there. His name’s Ray. He’s a good guy, and is fighting hard to stick around.  

If you’re the praying sort, please pray for Ray, his wife Lee, and their family.

Somber note.  Sorry. Life comes at you hard sometimes.


Ascension Coming

Speaking of life coming at us hard, our world’s in a bit of a pressure cooker these days.  Things are heating up and beginning to boil over all around. And I’m not speaking about the environment.

Our solar system has moved into the photon belt.  Increasingly intense streams of light are bombarding our planet.  As a result, Mother Earth is stretching her wings and increasing her energetic frequencies, making it hard to keep living in the same old ways.

As a result, we’re finding it hard to maintain the balance within our lives and society.  Traditional institutions are crumbling. People are dissatisfied with their lives, their leadership and their forms of governance.  And the doors are being thrown open for all to see the abuses they’ve heaped upon us.

Extremes are at each other’s’ throats.  Nowhere is it more visible than in politics, coming soon to a news or social media stream near you, if not there already.  

Everyone seems to hate each other.  Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

Nothing.  It’s just that no one cares to follow it.  They’re too busy fighting to impose their view on how things should be.


What’s Going On?

They don’t know any better.  For no one’s told them that the rules are changing, that fear, desire and force of will don’t work the way they used to.  They don’t realize that they simply perpetuate a vicious cycle of conflict between egos that don’t know any other way to build lives that work.

The new energies being radiated by the ascending Earth exacerbate the conflicts, leading us inexorably to their ultimate conclusion — the destruction of either or both warring sides, not to mention all who stand in the way or fall as collateral damage.

This Armageddon of sorts — where battles rage within us, our relationships and our societies to such an extent that we’re led to our own destruction — offers us a choice.

Evolve.  Or perish.  

Perishing is simple.  We just have to keep doing what we’re doing to each other, and let the fires of conflict rage on.

Or we can say, “Enough is enough!” and turn to peace, both as our destination as well as our means of getting there.

It is, after all, what the Golden Age is supposed to be about.  1000 years of peace. Why not start now?

Earth’s ascending.  Those who choose peace will ascend with it.  The rest will be left behind, shipped off after this life to worlds where they can play out their dramas and disagreements with others of their ilk.

Those who want peace, who choose the ways of love and light, won’t be going with them.  They’ll stay here to help build the New Earth.

I hope you’ll be one of those who’ll be sticking around.


In Closing

This sure is a strange topic when my father-in-law is fighting for his life.

The message I’m given to pass along is we each approach life as a struggle, a fight to live, love and prosper.  

It doesn’t have to be that way.  But getting there may mean wholesale changes in us, and in our lives.

Those changes will happen whether we want them to or not, adopted consciously or imposed by force of circumstance.  

Their impact, however, will vary based upon how we meet those changes.  Doing so with peace and positivity will help us build lives filled with more ease and joy, even as failure, frustration and a crumbling status quo do their best to drag us down.  

Many are having difficulty adjusting to the new energies.  Ray is one of them.

He and Lee could use your prayers.

God bless you indeed.


John Dennison
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