I bid you greetings, and encourage you to find your peace and joy in every moment.

Before starting, let me welcome our many new subscribers.  It’s nice to have you with us.  I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.

So where should we go today?

You’ve been called to awaken to your journey along the spiritual path. Whether you see it as happening in one life or across many, the fact of the matter is, you are changing.

These changes expand your awareness of the possibilities for your life and reality.  Some inspire you and urge you onward.  Others make you shudder that you are far less evolved than you hoped you were, opening the door for your baser instincts to “shine” through.

Know that these experiences — both good and bad — are why you are here.  They trigger your awakening and illuminate the inner conditions that impair your efforts to walk your talk.

But know also that awakening is not a switch you throw and voila, you’re woke.  It’s a process of expanding consciousness that started long ago and “ends” only with your union with God in Oneness. 

You’re going to be at it a while, so quit getting down on yourself if you don’t exhibit the mastery you know you have inside.  It doesn’t matter if you’re patient or impatient, gung ho or reluctant, your awakening will continue whether you want it to or not.

Your job is to find the value in each moment, and apply your consciousness to expand yourself and your contribution to the reality in which you live.

That contribution is revealed through your inner voice, leading you to the experiences you came for — and in many cases, to undertake a mission to shine light, ease suffering or in some way add to the upliftment of humanity as a whole.

All of that is determined by relationships:  your relationship with others; your relationship with the standards and practices of society;  your relationship with your life and the source of your being; and the relationship between your inner and outer worlds, and how each impacts the other.

Look at each in turn.  What are the energies and interests playing out in them?  Where does your ego assert itself?  Where does it withdraw?  What are the beliefs and perspectives that support each? 

How about the ones you rejected in order to have those relationships the way they are?  Why didn’t they work for you?  Why do you embrace the ones that you do?  What is the value you find?  What is the value you wish you had?

Can you see the egoic distortions playing out in each relationship?  How can you work with or within those distortions to create a better experience for you, others or your world?

Now, look again.  How do your relationships compare to where they were earlier in your life?  What happened that made them change?

Odds are good it was some change in you or how you conducted your affairs.  Examine it. Dissect it.  How did it come about? What has been its result?  Where do you see things going from here?  And how will you know when you get there?

Sorry, no answers today.  It’s the journey that counts.  Or more precisely, 


Traveling the path means empowering yourself to create, gather and process those experiences with greater consciousness.  These questions will help you do just that.

You just might be surprised at what you learn.

God bless you indeed,

– john

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