Hey there.  It’s me again.

Things are changing.  I’m changing. Life moves on.

You’ll notice the new look.  It’s an effort to communicate the different facets of my exploration of the inner world and its impact on our outer one.

The websites are different, too.  Better organized.  I tried to make it easier to take away main points and apply them.  

The big change, though, is in me, or should I say, my approach.  I’m focusing more on the big picture, and less on the components I’ve already laid out on the various websites.

It’s an idea or vision that’s been rolling around inside me for nearly 20 years that I’m finally getting around to share.  I guess I’m kind of slow. 

Back to my vision.  How it ultimately comes together remains to be seen.

At least, that’s where it’s pointing me now.  As I’ve discovered, that can change at a moment’s notice as spirit spins the dial and sends me off in a new direction.

Nevertheless, when following your inner voice, you’ve gotta go where it leads to get the experiences you need to get.  And though your ego has fears and desires to nudge you along, in the end it’s up to your soul — for only it knows why you’re here and what you need to evolve. 

At least, that’s the way its been shown to me. It’s at the core of what I’ve been sharing these last couple decades.

Before we embark on that big picture, perhaps now would be a good time to review some of the basics.

You’ve got desires and visions for what you want to experience in your life.  Historically the only way to fulfill those was through force of will and hard work. 

But the energies are shifting, and times are changing.

Will and work still play a role, but they’re to be used differently.

You set the intention.  You choose to act,  but not through ego.  Those distortions must be addressed and your ego moderated so your soul can take over.

Instead, your inner voice will show you the way.  But to follow it, often you’ve got to change you and how you live your life.  In short, you need to get out of the way.

What kind of changes?

Quit struggling.  Accept and allow the life you’ve got, even as you’re working to create something else.

Quit fighting to get what you want, unless that inner voice tells you to.

Quit trying to impose your will on others, whether to get what you want or prove you’re right.

Quit thinking that your life affects only you, and be more cognizant of what you contribute to the lives of others and the world around you. 

Quit focusing on the need or desire of the moment, or worse, the ones you see coming down the road.  Instead, appreciate the moment and all it offers.  Find the value.  Experience it in new ways.  Be grateful.  For you created it.

And most of all, quit thinking of all the negative reasons why you don’t like the way things are, or that you can’t do something or how things can go wrong. 

Instead, see the beauty of what is, and know that what’s to come will be just as beautiful or more so.

Anchor in the energies of the future you want by shifting into how you want to feel and experience life within it.  Realize it’s already out there, just waiting for you to match its frequencies so you can experience the possibility in your reality.

Then, do what your soul inspires you to do.  That happens by listening to your inner voice, and addressing the egoic distortions that get in the way.

After that, your job is simple.  Raise your vibrations, by whatever means works for you.  All of the other stuff is simply to show you how.

You might even find that voice is calling you in some particular direction.  Follow it.  Do what it wants.  Make the difference in your world.

Life’s all about the experience, and how you use it to make your journey home to the Oneness at your core.

Live it wisely.  With consciousness.  Expand your consciousness, and let the rest take care of itself.

Sounds a lot like preaching.  These are just some of the things I’ve learned along the way.  I’ll keep laying breadcrumbs.  What you do with them, if anything, is up to you.

Thanks for following my work.  God bless you indeed.

I am


– John

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