Author’s note: This article by John was originally published in 2004 in Orlando Life Magazine.  It remains the focus of his work — to avert the coming destruction and build a better world for us all.

A great war is brewing, and there will be hell to pay if we keep going on the way we are.

There, I said it. You don’t know how long I’ve avoided hitting that nail on the head. Not that I didn’t know it was there. Just that I didn’t want to sound like an alarmist, or look like the guy who walks the streets with a sign board that shouts, “Judgment Day is here!”

I’ve always tried to move toward a higher vision, rather than away from pain. And that’s the way I practiced law and went about sharing a new foundation on which to build better lives and a better world.

But I’ve come to the conclusion most don’t want to see those things, much less understand the meaning of life or the challenges life brings. So I guess it’s time for me to speak their language.

We are in a war for the soul of humanity. Unfortunately, most only see things in their own self-interest without knowing what that interest really is. Or why it is there.

We are pawns in a great spiritual war that is fought as much within as without. We’re kept in inner conflict while battered by outer events that keep us afraid and struggling to control what little we can. Asserting our wills to protect our desires is the only way we know to bring us even a semblance of peace. Yet conflict only begets more conflict.

Sure, this has gone on for a long time. The problem is, things are accelerating toward the point of no return. Unfortunately, most of us are not ready to take up the challenge. We’re still caught up in the old cycles of belief, conflict, and response.

Mother Nature is preparing the way by clearing out the energies that have kept us stagnant for so long. And more changes are coming which will bring great hardship and suffering. But the greatest suffering to come will be at our own hands. The table is set, and the sides are getting ready to feast – upon each other!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the conflicts behind the traditional spiritual camps of the last 2,000 years, even those who pray to the gods of science, power or commercialism. Entrenched beliefs of all kinds are experiencing a revival and add fuel to the fires of conflict raging in the world. Yet each thinks it’s right, and is ready to fight to prove it, or at least defend it’s right to survive.

It’s not limited to religious or governmental influences. Have you paid any attention to the many social causes and spiritual messages coming out from behind every door, many of which are old teachings that were dusted off and propped up for modern consumption? They’ve loosened the hold on those who didn’t quite buy into mainstream thought, and added another log to the world fire.

To boot, modern technology and communications have turned the world into a giant tinderbox, and allowed repressed peoples to see the injustices they suffer and ask, “What about us?” and “When do we get our turn?”

Yet most of us – even those who say they serve a higher purpose — continue to live as if the affairs of our individual lives are all that matter.

In a sense, they do. Because our lives reflect the condition of the inner soil where all these other problems take root. If we cannot address the conflicts within us, how can we do so in the world as a whole? If we cannot work through our own fears, then how can we ever expect our leaders to work through the fears of the national consciousness? If we cannot accept that our own despised characteristics bring value to our lives, how can we ever see that those people we despise also have something valuable to offer as well?

This doesn’t mean we should roll over and play dead. But it does suggests that old ways that perpetuate the cycle of conflict and violence won’t lead us where we want to go. Because each side will only get more entrenched and fight a little harder.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can just sit on the sidelines and go on about your life. Because the life you’ve known won’t be there for you. Or at least keep working the way it has in the past. But then, those very perceptions of life and how it serves you are part of the battle as well.

This war will be fought by every person on earth, one heart and mind at a time. All will be forced to look at what they hold dear and how they work to make life bring what they want.

The world’s a pretty big place, so it can be overwhelming to think that one little person can do much to change the world. But if we can look at what’s going on inside us and win the battle there, then maybe our outer world will begin to change as well.

Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing – a choice of love. Will we love a little more in each moment, or will we succumb to the forces that tweak our fears and prompt us to stay in the ways of control and conflict?

It does not matter what your spiritual beliefs are, or if you have any at all. What matters is only whether you are called to make a difference within your own sphere of influence, no matter how large or small. And whether you act upon those urges.

Do not think you are alone. Know there are others who are also called to help nudge the world toward a better tomorrow. Or should they fail, to be ready pick up the pieces when the world tires of its fighting. Some will house the dislocated or feed the poor. Others will hold out a vision of new possibilities. All will seek to be a refuge of peace as an example of how to escape the tumultuous winds that swirl throughout the world.

You are a soldier in this war for mankind’s awakening, part of the vanguard to help usher in a that new age. But you cannot do so wrapped in the old ways of will and desire, trying to prove you’re right and the rest are wrong. Set aside what you believe or think you know and work only to serve the light that guides you, lest you perpetuate all you seek to overcome.

When Armageddon starts, will you be ready? Or will you sit this one out?

John Dennison
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