By all accounts COVID-19 is a terrible disease. 

It’s highly contagious, even during a potentially long incubation period of up to 24 days.  Somewhere around 20% of those who catch it will have a serious case, with around 5% going into ICU for life/breathing support while it runs its course.  Death rates are running over 2% of total cases.  Total illness time (assuming recovery) is around a month.   

All this assumes the statistics I’m hearing are accurate.

And that’s without considering its sequela (additional pathological consequences), or the social and economic impact upon our affairs.

I’m not here to stoke your fears.  There’s enough of that going around these days.  Rather, I’m hopeful you’ll be able to manage/overcome those fears without all the mental and emotional baggage they inflict.

Once those are addressed, then we can move on to what this pandemic offers you for your own journey of awakening, as well as what it offers our world.



Premise 1.  All for a purpose.

Here at PeaceOptions we work from a perspective that everything happens for a reason, to advance the awakening of consciousness and facilitate the evolution of our souls.

It is a difficult perspective for many to consider.  They don’t accept the existence of anything more than what we can see and experience that science can explain within the bounds of its limited beliefs.

Even those who do believe in God and a life beyond that of these bodies can find it hard to consider an active Divine Plan that brings purpose to the chaos of life in this world.  And even harder to accept that we humans could have the gall to presume we can glimpse the operation of such a plan in the affairs of humanity.

I do not want to argue this point today.  Whatever you believe is right for you wherever you are in your journey.

But for purposes of our discussion, we presume there is a god, and that this reality is unfolding at this time to assist in the upliftment of humanity to higher expressions of what we can be.


Premise 2. Fear is a signpost.

The fears triggered by this virus are many.  They are “prequelae” of negative conditions preceding and surrounding the illness.

On a spiritual level and however originating, the virus serves as a catalyst to give rise to these fears and spur action and growth.

Let’s look at some obvious fears it has triggered:

  1. Fear of death;
  2. Fear of the unknown;
  3. Fear of illness;
  4. Fear of economic hardship;
  5. Fear of lack (health, means of survival);
  6. Fear of social isolation, discrimination, or other repercussions;
  7. Fear of oppression and loss of freedoms and control over one’s life;
  8. Fear of aggression (use of virus as a biological weapon).

There are of course other fearful conditions it raises, but these are a good start.

All occur because the virus triggers thoughts of its implications for our own lives.

It’s not like this virus is the only risk any of us face.  Risks to our safety are everywhere, often treated as minor blips in our awareness.

But this one is different.  It’s portrayed as a life-threatening event that could wipe out large swaths of national and world populations, and played up by media desperate for eyeballs so they can get more advertising dollars.

So they keep upping the pressure that is implicitly placed upon us with their determination to keep us “informed” (and their narratives spun).

Yet, it’s all based on fear of an uncertain future — a mental and emotional repulsion of the consequences we think it could bring down the road.

So the first thing every awakening soul needs to do to get a handle on the virus is to look at their fears.  Feel them.  Acknowledge them.  And let them go if they can.

While this sounds easy on paper, in reality it isn’t.  Because the beliefs and perspectives underlying our fears don’t just go away because we want them to.  They’re there for a reason, to serve us and the lives we’re living by protecting us from anything we think will upset the apple carts of our carefully-crafted lives.

Until we move into a mental space where those beliefs and perspectives are no longer needed and held by us, they’re part of who we are.  Our job is to recognize what they are, and to manage them in a way to find a state of balance where their energies don’t keep attracting the potentially negative consequences associated with the illness.

In short, the virus is opening a window into our inner world that allows us to see what’s going on inside that makes us the way we are.  And with that opening, to bring us more choice over how we will direct our attention and awareness to deal with the situation at hand.

We can either succumb to our fears, or do what we can to manage and minimize them while we work to evolve ourselves to a place where they won’t exist any more.  That doesn’t mean the virus will go away; only that we won’t live in fear of what it could bring.

Fear is the mind-killer.” ~ Frank Herbert, Dune

Life is not guaranteed to any of us.  This moment is all we’ve got, so we’ve got to make the best use of it that we can.

I suggest that effort would be better served by focusing on our journey to the light and the preparations we can take to accelerate it while we’re alive in this life.

Use your fear.  It’s there to show you the way, if you have the strength to face it.

Godspeed. And God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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