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How do we find #peace in the midst of political strife, impeachment, coup attempt or whatever?

External events, especially those seeking outcomes that either attract or repel us, can trigger fears and desires that steal our #peace and lead us into conflict.

Political conflict results from a fear of an unknown future, and belief that fighting can allow us to control the outcome – which in reality is, for most, beyond influence or control.

While our respective polarities incline us toward one side or another, #peace is rarely found at the extremes, which by definition are always in a state of tension, if not outright warfare, with those of the opposite extreme. #politics

Those who are #Awakening are challenged by political #conflict to be at #peace, for their beliefs and perspectives constantly pull them toward the side best representing their polarity, trying to drag them into the fray and fight for supremacy of what they want.

Political conflict sets off not only outer battles for control, but also inner ones as our expanding #consciousness brings awareness that we must sacrifice our peace to pursue elusive victory in a war without end, or let go of our desires to win whatever the cost.

The question for #awakening souls is what do you value most? Political victory for the beliefs over which you fight, or the #peace you crave and which is needed for your soul to evolve toward greater embodiment and expressions of love and light?

Expansion of #consciousness brings choice. Do you serve the desires of your ego to get your way, or the desires of your soul to expand and grow toward the light?

This is not to suggest the affairs of your outer world are insignificant or not worth fighting for. But when you can get your ego out of the way, your #InnerVoice will guide you to participate in outer conflicts or not as it needs you to experience in your life.

The issue in conflict for #awakening souls is what does it add to your journey? What does it tell you about yourself? What are the triggers that lead you to fight, why are they there, and what can you do to defuse them so you can have #peace in your time?

Free will is the fundamental principle behind this universe of conflict. How you seek and preserve it determines your readiness to evolve. Jesus was focused on serving and returning to God. Love and forgiveness were the way, not fighting for what you want.

None of us are truly free. We each must choose the master we serve – the ego of fear, desire and conflicts of will, or the source of life within that calls us to dissolve the illusions of separation that keep us from the #oneness at our core? #Peace will allow you that choice.

In the end, #peace is a choice – your choice. You can have it now, despite the conflicts blowing in your world. Choose wisely. The path your soul takes to get home depends on it.

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