Lately I haven’t written much.  You’ve probably noticed.  I know I have.

There’s so much going on it’s hard to focus on any single issue or activity for long.  Life comes at us fast, but lately it’s serving much more to consider than rational minds can process.

The result is a disconcerting feeling of unease with the status quo, yet a frustratingly difficult time doing much about it.

It’s as if this was all created to force us to become non-reactive to current events, and squeeze from us every last drop of outrage, upset and the beliefs that trigger them.

That isn’t to suggest that we should get used to the status quo, or try to keep things the way they are.

Rather, it’s to point out that riding the emotional roller coaster and getting riled up over every little thing (blown up by the propagandists so we will allow them to play their silly games) isn’t taking us where we want to go — much less showing us how to get there.

During this period it’s easy to want to fight. But that’s not the way needed for our social evolution, much less the evolution of individual souls.

Rather, the time has come for us to give peace a chance.  So how do we do that when the world around us is falling apart?

For those of you not on my Twitter feed (@JohnDennison), I periodically jump into the fray to shine a little of the light God has shared with me.

Today I shared my views on what all this fighting is really about, and hinted at the solution:

    Free will vs. love and compassion seem to be the battle lines in our political conflicts. Light allows us to see these conflicts are illusory and address the egoic distortions that cause them. Love is how we reconcile conflicts of will and desire, not a way to get what we want.— John Dennison (@JohnDennison) March 21, 2019

Principles of Creation

Those of you who are familiar with the Law of One will know that our reality is built upon three fundamental principles:

  1. First came Free Will, through which all reality exists to experience itself and its relationship to all else.  It is through the exercise of this free will (at least, to the extent we can despite the social norms and limitations imposed by nations, cultures, and our forebearers) that we know who we are, why we’re here, and go about building lives that reflect that.
  2. Second is Love.  Love is the way that individuals resolve the differences over which they butt heads.  Our 3rd-density reality is all about love, and learning to love and be loved.  Only through love will we voluntarily subordinate our free will to another.  As our ability to love grows, people will naturally get along together with less conflict to find solutions that neither benefit nor harm one over another.
  3. Last is Light.  Light is the flow of information, inspiration and illumination by which experiences are created within our reality, as well as the etheric substance from which it is made.   It allows us to see how we love, or don’t, and use it to moderate the influence of self in the exercise of free will.
  4. Together they work to expand our consciousness as we
    1. dissolve the illusions of separation that keep us apart and
    2. learn to wield the energy of infinite intelligence to provide for our needs in more abundant ways.

It starts by using what we’ve got where we are to begin living with more peace, positivity and possibility.  Within the world as it is, existing beliefs, biases and all.

Love it.  Appreciate it.  After all, some of your energies helped create it.

But remember it’s your world, your creation.  Bring to it the best of your attributes, especially your love.  Allow light to shine into you to loosen the hold of your beliefs that set the inner triggers that put you in conflict.

Most of all, envision the kind of life you want to live, that would bring all you want to experience — and the kind of world you want to live it in.

Then live as if it’s already here.

Who knows?  If you look around and see things another way, you just might find that Golden Age isn’t so far away after all.

God bless you indeed.



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