know_yourselfMany are beginning to think they have some divine purpose to fulfill. Permit me to suggest that purpose has more to do with their own expansion than anything they add to the world.

Don’t get me wrong. Service can be a good thing.

I for one have long advocated seeing our lives as about more than the chase of desires or struggle for survival. Stepping outside our own concerns to lend a helping hand, create a vision, or make a difference offers a sense of fulfillment that can otherwise be lacking, not to mention make a much-needed contribution to build a better world.

Often, though, our own inner conditions can distort the call to serve. We humans have a wonderful way of twisting the originating intention into something quite unrecognizable, setting in motion dramas that can easily lead us into a black hole of struggle and sacrifice.

What once may have been a simple idea intended to bring a little more peace or joy into our own lives can trigger a quest to make some grand contribution to change the world. So instead of finding peace, we embark on a mission that can take us in a thousand different directions, each one with its own set of challenges to meet.

Even the contribution we want those efforts to make can be less than we seek, leaving us unfulfilled and leading us on a wild goose chase in search of mission “success.”

Yet the success of the contribution is far less important than how we use the experiences that arise along the way. They are created to allow us to see that which is within us that gives rise to the effort, and to explore its relationship to who and what we are, not to mention the outer world in which we go about our task.

It is this exploration that our freedom of choice empowers us to make.

Every one of us is free to choose where we will go, and how we will use what we bring into life or pick up along the way. We each have a choice as well in whether we will listen to that inner voice, how we will interpret it, and act upon it.

What few stop to consider is how we make those choices or why.

The divine purpose you seek to fulfill sets the table of choices before you, and provides the motivation to make them. Even so, for all the benefit that your contribution may make to the world, the greatest contribution it makes is to you and the the expansion of your soul.

Your sense of purpose is nothing more than a carrot dangled to lead you to your next stage of growth in how you create and make the decisions of your life, and then experience the situations that result. If they benefit others as well, that’s wonderful. But realize that the greatest benefit is that received by your soul as you select and create the experiences you want to take from this life.

In making those choices, the first rule is to know thyself. What is your intention? What are the inner factors at play? Where might you be distorting or misinterpreting the image or urge that started it? How are you responding to the options at hand? What sort of experiences do you want to get from them? What do you see them bringing? How will you go about it?

The more you can step back from the moment to consider these things, the more you can see that which your life is offering you, and the more conscious you can become of the possibilities of what you are.

Without such awareness, freedom to choose — even when you choose to serve — means very little in the divine scope of things. It will simply set in motion another drama for you to live out, with another set of experiences to gather, as it leads you from one dead end to another.

So if your efforts to serve are not generating the results you want, perhaps there’s more going on than meets the eye. Take a time out. Look inside. I suspect that there you will find something to help you to break the cycle.

Godspeed, and go with love. I am


John Dennison


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