Quit fighting. Come together.

I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face.  You can’t create peace through conflict.  You can’t create a world of love and light through hatred, violence and oppression.

Every soul deserves to be recognized and honored. Not for the color of the skin suit it wears, nor for any other immutable characteristic.

It’s differences are what make it unique.  But the differences that matter are not the ones that are obvious like race, sex or creed.

Rather, what matters is the color of its character, the influence of its inner distortions and its treatment of others with which it interacts.  What matters is its connection to its source and ability to hear and draw upon it to weather the storm.  And what matters is the creative expressions of its personality and contributions that expand others, rather than harming them.

At our core, there is only One.  So any conflict is a conflict within the greater self of the whole.  Just like conflicts within you can lock you up or set you off on aberrant behavior, so it does within our world.

When others distort toward the pursuit and exercise of power, banding together with others in peace is a way of resisting their influence and standing for another way.  For there is indeed strength in numbers, and we all need to be strong so long as it doesn’t sell our souls in the process.

John Dennison
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