You haven’t worked this hard to throw your hands up to the fates and say, “Do with me what you will.”  Rather, you’ve been tested by catalyst after catalyst to prepare you for this moment.

Public opinion hasn’t recognized your efforts.  Family and friends fought to change you, laughed at you, or turned their backs as you struggled to follow your light as your old life (pre-awakening) crumbled away.

It wasn’t like you had a choice. For most of us, it was thrust upon us by some situation that shook our foundations and nudged us in a new direction, toward awakening, toward knowing ourselves, and toward seeing life in a way not recognized, approved or accepted by the mainstream.

Yet here you are, in the midst of all this chaos and conflict.

While some are pushing radical change through collectivist thought and action, forcing others to bend to their will and cultural demands, you know those forces are not the way to the world you came to help build.

Individuality is not passe.  It is under attack under the guise of collectivism, that individuality stands in the way of the greater good that can only be determined and imposed by an aggressive, passionate few who think they know best for all.

At your core, though, you know that the sovereignty of each self is paramount.  It is a sovereignty built not upon unfettered expression, but one that evolves to be voluntarily tamed through self-realization and egoic moderation.

While one’s path through life may require solitude and going against the crowd, even that path offers a means to contribute to the whole, if only to provide an alternative for others to consider for themselves.

Yet, the path of individuality must inevitably be redirected by those who are awakening to serve their purpose for coming and make the contributions only they can make — not those directed or imposed by the nouveau elite.

For it is only through the individual self that we evolve back to the light and return to Oneness.  It is for this self, this process and this right (yes, a divine right of each soul to evolve) that you must stand against all comers to preserve your ability to go your own way.

Know your own way.  Set your own course.  Follow it, regardless of who or what gets in the way.  Just go it with love.

If you don’t, who will?

John Dennison
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