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In case you hadn’t noticed, a storm is blowing. It threatens the survival of all who get in its way.

Lightworkers and other awakening souls are here for a purpose.  You’re probably one of them, so you must have one, too.

Many are so focused on themselves, finding their own way to peace and joy, and transforming their inner processes, that they’re often totally oblivious to why them, why now, and why here.

They’ve awakened to add their contribution to the Ascension of our world, and the construction of foundations upon which a 5D world can be build.

Why now?  Haven’t many of us been at this for a long time now?

Now is the time of changes, when humanity is going through tremendous tumult trying to find its way into a better tomorrow.  Systems and institutions are failing us. Truth is distorted. Self-interest and tribal interests have poisoned our common affairs, setting the stage for increased disruption and dislocation.

Your awakening has made you aware of your inner power.  Now it’s time to tap into it to find the hope, strength and direction it offers to carry on, and help others along the way.

Think of your awakening as a giant light bulb you’ve been building. Now you’ve got to turn it on so both you and others can find your way.

Light, love and peace are the tools by which you will light the path and lead the way through the darkness.  All your work on yourself to find peace and joy and clear your inner shadows was to prepare you for this moment.

But in order to do your part, you must survive, too.  Below is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Physical existence, followed by safety, are the foundations that must first be built if individuals are to have a chance to focus on themselves and self-realization.



It’s important to keep your own survival needs in mind. Not exclusively, but if you perish or can’t make ends meet, you’ll be ripe prey for dark energies that will drag you down and impair your ability to add your contribution.

Don’t let it happen.  Take care of your own needs first, so you’ll be in position to help others.  If you don’t, you won’t help either of you for long.

We’ll set forth a few thoughts in later posts that might help you both get through this.

A better day is coming, and you’re going to help make it happen.

God bless you indeed.




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