Change Yourself. Change Your World.

By now you’re looking at yourself and trying to understand why you — and your life — are less than you want them to be.

You’re now traveling the inner way and following your inner voice.  Between them and your efforts to moderate your ego, you’re beginning to see your journey through life in a new light, with a new destination (Oneness) calling you onward.

You’re also trying to dissipate the energies that are stealing your peace and addressing the symptoms and causes that come with them.

But what about the state of the world in which you live?  It’s still burning, and threatening to take us all down with it.

Some might say it’s not your problem.  In a sense, they’re right.  There’s so much conflict going around, what can you do about it anyway?

The answer is, “A lot.”  Because YOU are the cause for a lot of the upsets of your life.  You want what you want.  You’ve done what you could to get it.  And you’ve interacted with many people trying to get it.



Your Own Worst Enemy

But have you ever thought that MAYBE YOU WERE THE PROBLEM?  That something in you, in your personality, your mannerisms, your beliefs or perspectives, was making you the way you are — and CAUSING YOU TO BRING LESS PEACE TO YOUR RELATIONSHIPS than you might otherwise could?

What about how you talk to people?  Or the thoughts and fears you share with them? Or emotional outbursts that leave you and them upset?  What about your response patterns to common situations, like someone telling you what to do, how to dress or act, or criticizing something about you or what you’ve done?

Can you see how you contribute to the way things are, that the upset in your outer affairs is a reflection of some condition or upset within you?  Can you see how simply changing you can change how that world engages and relates to you?

If you’re still in doubt, think about your social media posts.   Are you killing them with kindness?  Or challenging, mocking or criticizing followers who see things another way?  Or perhaps stating your opinions in ways that just piss people off and rile them up?

Moreover, it isn’t just your actions toward others that deny you (and them) peace.  Your thoughts and emotions contribute to the collective consciousness that creates this reality.  That’s another way you help to make things the way they are.

If you want that reality to change, to have less struggle, suffering or conflict, then shouldn’t you also change the energies you contribute to the way it is?

The answer is clear. Change yourself. Change your world.

If you want a better world, start by building a better you.  You’ll see the difference.

But wait. There’s more!

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