Dealing with Conflict

Conflict is an ever-present part of life in this dualistic reality.  It exists in our world, and within us as well.

We help you address them both in various ways.

How? Here’s a baker’s dozen of some areas we cover:

  1. Understanding the consciousness of conflict
  2. Dissipating the energies of conflict
  3. Fighting by choice, reflex or habit?
  4. Defusing your triggers and mental/emotional responses
  5. Knowing why you fight? When? How?
  6. Moderating the influence of fear and desire
  7. Managing and resolving conflicts
  8. Uncovering your inner conflicts
  9. Working with polarity
  10. Exploring the relationship between your inner and outer conflicts
  11. Knowing how conflict serves your spiritual journey
  12. Getting clear on what winning looks like
  13. Fighting to win vs creating a space for peace

and more.

We’ve covered a lot of these issues in our blog, but realize addressing conflict is often a very personal experience based on the needs of your own situation.

John has worked in the arena of human conflict for 40 years and can help you navigate its treacherous waters in ways that both bring you peace and advance your spiritual journey.

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