What's going on?

You've got a problem.  This time of changes is taking its toll.  Life is stealing your peace and you don't know what to do about it.

It's assault is dragging you down and blocking your way.  Struggle and suffering.  Lack and limitation.  Not to mention your reactions triggered by those who oppose everything you're about who try to force what they want upon you.

Moreover, the winds of conflict are continually blowing, trying to drag you into their battles, inviting you to fight for what you want and believe in.

Yet you know that doing so will just make things worse, both for the life you want for yourself and the kind of world you want to live it in.

Getting dragged down into that mire is not a path to a future that serves you, where peace and prosperity allow you to thrive.  Rather, often it seems to threaten your very existence and all you've worked for to bring security and happiness to you and yours.

These are the time that try men's (and women's) souls.  We'd like to help you use and move through them in a better way, one that brings you peace and lays a foundation for a better tomorrow at the same time.


Trusted guidance

We can help you see what's going on in a new light so you can address the inner conditions and responses that keep bringing you more of the same.

And we lead you to solutions you may have overlooked and new approaches you didn't think about taking so you can head those problems of at the pass and deal with them in better ways.

John offers consultations to help you find peace in your time and work through the dramas and difficulties at hand.

Under his guidance, consultations with John can help you:

  • Find peace within the storms blowing in your life and world;
  • Find meaning, purpose and direction;
  • Solve problems and deal with conflicts, dramas or difficulties;
  • Know and develop yourself, and become more than you are;
  • See new possibilities and make better choices;


Don't wait until you break

You can keep beating your head against the wall.  Or you can try another way.  The PeaceOptions' way of peace through consciousness on the path of awakening.

When darkness and turmoil are getting you down, try to remember.  You don't have to go it alone.

Let John help you meet your challenges in better ways so you can get where you're trying to go.

Why not schedule a session with John today?