Cultivation Practice Outline

A central part of John's teaching is the cultivation of the egoic energy fields, including mind, body and emotions.  This page will be devoted to cultivation practices that will help cleanse and align them for greater integration into the whole of what you are.


Warm up (breathing and movement).

Stretch. Breathe. Do a little yoga, tai chi or qigong (max 10 min).



No particular method required. Goal is focused concentration upon a single action or point   Think of it as if you're shooting a bow and arrow.  When your mind wanders, bring it back to your point of focus.

Recommended methods include:

  1. Keep one point (body's center of gravity);
  2. Bring attention to your tan tien/hara 1" below navel/inside abdomen;
  3. Breathe deeply into your spine (inhale see breath moving down spine to tail bone; exhale see it go back up and out top of head); and
  4. Move energy along Microcosmic Orbit, opening one point at a time.
  5. Count your breaths. If you lose count, start over.

Meditation should be performed for 10-20 minutes.  Extended sessions are permissible, but not necessary.


Spiritual Reading

Select a reading from Whispers in the Silence or other spiritual text that discusses the concept you want to work on (or whatever you're drawn to if nothing in particular). Study it. Consider its applications and implications. How does this passage apply to you, your life or what you're trying to do?

Take 10 minutes to contemplate. Then meditate upon the reading for an additional 5 minutes.


Look at Yourself

You are the reason you're doing this. So look at yourself and your life.  What do you see going on?  Where do you see full and even flow of energy? Where is it blocked?

What are the recurring issues you've dealt with since your last practice? What's going on? What's involved?

Where is your life headed? Can you see the flow? Are you going with the current, swimming upstream, or out of the river altogether?


Listen to your inner voice

Take a moment and listen to the voice(s) inside you.  How do you "hear" them?  What's their prime method of communicating?

What are they saying? What kind of thoughts or feelings do they trigger? What actions result?

Do you sense any sort of guidance to move in a particular direction in your life? Which way? Where's it trying to lead you?

How are you responding?


Keep a Journal

A journal is not only a map of where you've been and what you've encountered along the way.  It is a valuable practice to start getting the mind out of the way and allowing the intuition to flow.

Write your journal entry at the end of practice.  We like to focus on either a life issue or the spiritual reading.  Usually they go hand-in-hand.


Try to practice a minimum of once a week, preferably 3x or more.  Let your inner voice lead you. Total practice time 30-60 minutes. Consistency matters.

Supplemental Study

Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul

An Introduction to Cultivating the Ego Excerpted from Whispers in the Silence – Living by the Light of Your Soul by John Dennison – (c) copyright 2005 – All Rights Reserved

To this point, we have touched upon the underlying reasons why man must make this journey within. However, we have dwelt little on the process that leads to awakening of the soul, other than to suggest that it begins inside.

King Arthur searched the land without success to find the Holy Grail, the cup of life. That is because it can never be found in the outer world. No matter where you look, it cannot be seen.

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