Find Your Peace

Discontent.  Conflict. Greed. Power games.  Pandemic. Lockdowns. Riots. And a possible coup still in progress.  Not to mention all the usual things that impact our health, welfare and happiness.

No wonder so many are finding it hard to be at peace with the state of our world — not to mention its impact upon them.

They all combine to upset the apple carts of our carefully constructed lives.  It is within this environment that we each must find our peace, all the while simply trying to live another day.

John lays out a path to peace through it all, and in the process, advance the journey of your soul back to the Oneness from which it came.

Here are the basics to takeaway from your visit:

It all serves a purpose.

Life happens for a reason — to learn to love and be loved in this three-dimensional reality that we know as life here on Earth (or as some call it, Gaia).

That reason unfolds on many levels simultaneously.

  1. To contribute your creative energies to the collective consciousness that creates this reality;
  2. To create and gather the experiences needed for your soul to evolve; and
  3. To live your life and pursue happiness in such manner as you may choose (free will), within the constraints imposed by your outer reality.

Now I’ll dive a little bit deeper.  I’ll try to simplify it as best I can.

Cultivate your inner soil

Our bodies are physical and chemical manifestations of energies directed from the super-consciousness of the soul.  Underlying them is a complex blend of energy fields that somehow function together as the personalities we know and love.  Also involved are energetic portals, known as chakras, which connect us interdimensionally to different aspects of our composite being.

The energy fields of the egoic body are built to function within the 3D reality of our world.  However, in order to evolve, these energies must evolve as well.  For they are like muddy rivers in which all kinds of debris floats in suspension, often working at cross odds to simply live the lives we want, much less work harmoniously in conjunction with our other energies so we can evolve.

The purpose of meditation, energy work and religious practice is to begin the process of conditioning these fields so they are more harmoniously aligned, and to draw into us more higher energies (light) to expand our consciousness so that we can actively participate in our own evolution.

This is where you are today.

Know yourself.

Part of the cultivation process is identifying those aspects within you where the light is filtered and distorted.  Distortion is a natural part of existence, beginning with our separation from the Oneness at our core.  These distortions are used to support the illusions of separation we use to exist here, unaware of anything more than what we can see, touch and hear with our outer senses and the brains that interpret their signals.

These egoic distortions manifest in many ways.  Misperceptions. Misunderstandings. Bias. Judgments. Scars. Memories. Fears. Desires. Split or repressed personalities (e.g., your shadow self or “inner child”). The list is long.  Their impact is great, shaping your life to bring the experiences your soul needs to evolve.

But upon awakening, your soul brings awareness to your consciousness that these attributes are impairing its evolution and need to be addressed.

Knowing yourself refers to seeing their operation within you.  And with that awareness, to give you a choice whether to continue to allow them to exist, or work to dissolve them so that you may experience yourself without them.

For life is, at its most essential, all about the experience — YOUR EXPERIENCE OF YOURSELF AND THE WORLD AROUND YOU – and expanding what you know yourself to be and can do within this reality and beyond,

Follow your inner voice.

At your core there is an intelligence, a conscious being that seeks to evolve and grow back to its Creator through you and your life.  It knows why it is here, and what it is all about.  But your mind doesn’t, remaining in the dark so it can benefit from the forgetting so that you must meet each experience anew.

This source — let’s call it your soul or your higher self — seeks for you to awaken to the greater nature of your being and connection to your Creator.  It calls you to evolve, to follow the light back to its source and the absolute balance that awaits in All That Is.

It communicates with you through your inner voice, guiding you to see yourself and your experiences in a new light, all the while taking an active role in shaping them.

Cultivation practice quiets the distortions and allows you to hear it more clearly.  It in turn brings an expanding consciousness that we call awakening, an ongoing process that is never completed until your unification with source.  It simultaneously turns your focus inward to better hear it, as well as outward to guide your efforts in this world.

This contrasts with the normal practice of human affairs, where we’re driven onward by fear and desire to meet the demands of the ego that knows nothing more than its own 3D existence.

Through awakening, however,  distortions like fear and desire are gradually replaced by peace and joy as you become more and more immersed in the flow from your inner source, revealed through your inner voice.

Renunciation can be part of the process for those who choose to make their journey intentionally.  If not, life has a way of making that choice for us when it’s our time to bloom.

It can be a daunting task for the spiritual seeker to release the hold of its earthly chains.  Nevertheless, spiritual texts have long held that the soul must be bathed in the blood of the heart by ripping out the flower of desire.  This is why renunciation, simplicity and contemplation have been staples of the spiritual practice throughout the centuries.

Embrace the Oneness at your core.

There is only One.  You are an aspect of that One, though the illusions of separation to which your mind clings deny it and instead cause you to see your world as “self” and others as “not self.”

Yet, you are all that is.  You are both writer and creator of the passion play of your life.  You are the gatherer of experience immersed within the illusion of the Matrix.

You alone must process those experiences and decide their value.  And most of all, what you will do with them to reflect your expanding consciousness upon the path of your awakening.

So your first task, both to advance your awakening and to find your peace, is to acknowledge both the Oneness and the illusion, and to see others not as separate but as your “other selves” with whom you evolve together through whatever life brings here on Earth.

Then, it is to live knowing you are an evolving being, with gratitude for all you have or that has been created for you to experience here — even the pains, hardships and sadness that result from the catalytic situations by which you grow.

There is much more to the process of finding your peace, but if you accomplish the shift in perception and connect through your inner voice, those doors will open when you are ready.

It is your acceleration of this process, along with the underlying perspectives, principles and practices, that we offer here.

God bless you indeed.

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