Follow your Inner Voice

Wanting peace often isn't enough.

Deep inside a voice is whispering.  And when you don't hear it, it fills you with discontent with the life you've got, and the state of the world in which you live.

This is your inner voice -- the voice of your soul -- seeking to fill you with meaning, purpose and direction for the life you lead.

It whispers that there is more to your life than you know, and bids you to find it.  And in the process, gather the experiences needed for you to evolve.

Sometimes it will even nudge you to act in some way to restore your balance or that of the world you're in, to relieve suffering, or add your contribution in one way or another. It may even ask to you undertake some mission to solve a problem, help others, or make the world a better place.

When your inner voice calls, you will not find any peace until you act upon it.

If yours is speaking to you, your job is simple.

Find a way.