Hold a Space for Peace

Take refuge from the outer wars. Create a space from their impact in which to focus upon you, your journey and the peace that you crave.

It can be a physical space, like a dedicated room or area of your yard or garden.  But really, the physical location can be anywhere, so long as you can make the shift into the INNER SPACE and practices needed to be at peace despite all that’s going on in that outer world.

Consider this space, whether it be a physical location or the place of silence within, as a sanctuary where to go to commune with your Self.  This is where you will create a separation (physical, mental and emotional) from that outer world so you can focus on your inner one.

It’s important that you bring your full attention.  That means cutting yourself off from the digital streams of data that continually flow through phones, TVs, computers and other devices. It probably also will mean no music, either, to distract you from the task at hand — KNOWING YOU!

Don’t think of it like you’re fleeing, escaping the outer world for a moment of sanity.  That type of rest and relaxation has always been important to reset one’s energies, and is the purpose of vacations.

Rather, turn away from the outer sensations and ego games to seek new ones that are happening within you, right now and always.  Then, use them to better understand yourself and what your life’s about, and to build a closer relationship with the source that gives you life.

Remember who you are. Remember where you’re going.  Remember all the things that will help to take you there.

Above all, use this space to find peace, so much so that when you enter it the peace sweeps over you and holds you in its embrace not only during your time of separation from the outer fray, but also continues on after you re-enter it.

Hold the space to find your peace.  Your journey home depends upon it.

God bless you indeed.