Make a Difference

“We each owe a responsibility to this world.”

– Muhammed Ali

We live in a world of energy.  That energy manifests in many forms to create our reality. Spiritual. Mental.  Emotional.  Physical.  Even words.  All are energy. All help to shape our lives, as well as the world around us.

Everything we do, everything we say, everything we are contributes to the way that world is.  These energies flow through us into the collective consciousness which creates this reality, setting in motion the circumstances of our lives and the experiences they bring.

When we connect to our souls and allow those energies to be directed free of the egoic distortions of the mind, inspiration and creativity are unleashed to perform miracles around us.

Often the inner voice urges us to apply them in a particular way.  Maybe it’s to write a song or a book. Or start a business. Or undertake some altruistic mission that helps others or solves some social problem.

Too many fall short of its promise.  Some aren’t clear of its guidance or know quite what to do with it.   For others, life gets in the way, or they fall into  patterns of their past that keep bringing them more of the same.

No matter the obstacle, overcoming it starts with a choice.

That choice determines how we will apply our creative energies.  Will we bring forth the best we have inside?  Will we act consciously with purpose to try to bring into reality the future of our dreams?  Will we break the bonds of the status quo to try to change the world?

How we choose to apply our energies is our unique contribution to the world around us.  It helps to make the world the way that it is.  So be conscious of your energy.  Direct it wisely.

Make the difference you’re called to make.  It’s why you’re here.

God bless you indeed.

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