Make Your Stand

How can we find peace when others are always telling us what to do, think or say?

How can we be at peace when they deny our individuality while ramming down our throats beliefs and policies that feed their lust for money and power?

Yet here we are, living in a world where such conflicts are commonplace.

We're caught between a corrupt elite fighting to hold onto power, a reactionary right, and a "progressive," institutionalized left that would impose its own views upon us all.

Those who just want to be left alone to go their own way have no where to turn for relief.

No wonder people are ready to explode.  And no wonder that those who fight back such as QAnon attract such a following.

Our world is locked in a war between individuality and a collectivism imposed by the state, political and/or corporate interests seeking to manipulate and control the masses for their own gain.

Freedom, and by extension the sovereignty of the people, are under attack from all sides.

Mankind must awaken to this assault and find ways to overcome it, or future generations will be enslaved to group-think, artificial intelligence and oligarchical elites who will oversee all aspects of our very existence.

Peace is not possible without free will.  Souls will always cry out for freedom to get the experiences they want and came for.

Finding a way to preserve and expand our freedoms in the face of such assaults is the challenge of our times.

So how will you use your free will?  To keep getting more of the same?  Or to create something that will better take you where you want to go?

We help awakening individuals make their stand.

If you need help making yours, schedule a call with John today.