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Thanks for your interest in our membership program. Please let me tell you a little about it.

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a little more peace in your life. God knows we could all use it in times like these.

The path to peace that we share is based on following your inner voice and addressing the things that make your life so much less than you want it to be. It is the path of consciousness, of light, and connecting to the source of your being.

While we share a spiritual perspective, none of us truly know what waits beyond this life — at least, until we are influenced by others or some inner source that leads us to see it as we do. However you see it (or don’t) matter less than whether you choose to seek the Presence within you and experience it for yourself.

And from there, to go wherever it leads.

So, what’s membership all about? Doesn’t John already have hundreds of articles, along with podcasts and videos, available for free?

He certainly does. But trying to absorb all that insight would take months, if not years, and even then wouldn’t necessarily provide a complete picture of the process of getting where you want to go. They are fragments of perspective, like pieces of a puzzle, that alone don’t deliver a clear picture of the whole.

It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose; most of it will just go right on by because there’s so little time or ability to take it all in.

That’s what we’re trying to do here — to focus you on the most important parts — like finding peace for you and yours. And to do that sometimes means dealing not only with what’s going on in you, but in your life and relations with the outer world.

What does PeaceOptions membership have in store for you?

  • Find peace in your time;
  • Dissipate the energies of conflict and move through them in better ways;
  • Deal with dramas and difficulties with more peace, ease and possibility;
  • Hear the signals of your inner voice that you’re now missing;
  • Clear the inner distortions that block or impair its reception and interpretation;
  • Defuse your triggers;
  • Understand the inner conditions that protect you in this life but which block the guidance to lead you to the next;
  • Connect to the source in you and allow it to guide you to and through the experiences you came to get;
  • Know who you are and what your life is about;
  • Find context for what it has brought along the way;

  • Discounted (currently 40%) personal consultations to find your peace and inner development;
  • Discounted (currently 40%) business and/or mission coaching and consultations at MissionLaunch
  • Lessons to know yourself and what your life’s all about;
  • Private member videos from John;
  • Audio messages from John
  • Private podcast access (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
  • Access to our private Self-Help library;
  • Member news
  • Subscription to our newsletter, “Building a Better Tomorrow;”
  • Access to our Peace Spaces to balance your energies and find your center;
  • Cultivation checklists, sample workouts and other tools
  • and more

If you join PeaceOptions, I promise to give you all that I can to help you know yourself and address the things that are holding you back from the life you want to live. My peace I give to you.

But only you can give it the time, commitment and effort necessary to make the shifts I’m offering.

No one else can do it but you.

The world you change will be your own.

God bless you indeed.

I am John.

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