Our Path to Peace

We hold out a vision of where we’re going, and how to get there.

It’s a path to peace through consciousness, where man and spirit join together in search of greater truths and awareness — working to evolve ourselves, and our world, as we work our way back to the source of our creation and Oneness with All That Is.

It involves several elements, any and all of which can enhance your peace.  Taken together, they can allow you to consciously accelerate your personal evolution as well as contribute to the awakening of our world.  They are:

  1. knowing yourself
  2. following your inner voice
  3. solve the problem by addressing the things that steal your peace and meeting the challenges they bring in better ways;
  4. changing yourself to change your world,
  5. make a difference by adding your unique contribution to the collective consciousness that creates this reality;
  6. applying creative manifestation to manifest your life in a new way;
  7. embracing oneness.

It is a path that is open to and easily traveled by those of all faiths, and by those with no faith as well.   But only you can do it for yourself.

You can start exploring it for yourself by clicking on the button below.  The life — and world — you change will be your own.

We invite you to give it a try.

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