Qigong Forms

The free movement of energy within the body is essential for cultivation of your energy fields.  Qigong (chi kung) can help with that (as can Tai Chi, Yoga and other practices).

John is an avid, long-time qigong practitioner.  In lieu of training with John or him creating videos reinventing the wheel, here are some videos you can practice along with at home.

Falun Dafa Exercises 1-5

Falun Dafa Complete Exercises


Microcosmic Orbit - Mantak Chia

8 Brocades - Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Emei Qigong - Grandmaster Fu

One of John's favorites is the Emei qigong system of Grandmaster Fu.  Click here to visit te Emei Qigong website.

To start, search out the Wuji Gong form.  So far we've not found a complete, clear copy on YouTube, but DVDs are available online.

Below are videos for the sacred sounds for organ healing and the 12 pillars (advanced).